BOHEMIAN ALLEY: Empower your creativity with handmade, Eco-friendly, and Irresistibly Chic Stationery and Journaling Supplies!

Indulge in the irresistible allure of stationery, where pens dance across crisp pages and colors spring to life with each stroke. BOHEMIAN ALLEY, understands the deep-rooted love for art, stationery and journaling.

Recognizing the younger generation’s inclination to express themselves in unique ways and their conscious preference for sustainable products, BOHEMIAN ALLEY was launched by the mom & Daughter duo – Nimisha and Nidhi Modi. They came up with the concept of utilizing leftover waste fabrics from Kurti manufacturing units to create handmade stationery through upcycling. The resulting products are entirely handmade, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. With its diverse array of products catering to journaling and art enthusiasts, BOHEMIAN ALLEY impresses DIY enthusiasts with its extensive collection.

Check out the bestselling Bamboo Lock Diary that opens like a door and comes with a bamboo stick to keep all your creativity secured. The vintage Leather Gemstone Strap Journal too has a style of its own. The Patchwork Journal with its amazing array of sequins, intricate threadwork, and hand block printed fabrics is a love at first sight sort of thing. Apart from this the Triangle Diary and Oyster Diary sets stand out for their unique shape. The office set, a compact all in one stationery set is a must have at the workplace.

They also offer a lot of cute art accessories like stickers, washi tape sets, picture frames, bookmarks, handmade paper sets, scented candle packs, glitter packs, shoe cover sets, seed pencils, zip folders, envelopes, stamps and wax seals, pressed flowers and more.

Since its launch in October 2020, BOHEMIAN ALLEY survived the pandemic and came out stronger. The talented woman duo have used their artistic imagination combined with astute business acumen, to carve a really successful niche for the brand. 

For Nimisha who loves all things bold and unconventional, BOHEMIAN ALLEY is more like a dream come true, a tale of passion finding expression in a multitude of things that can help make life a little more beautiful and a little less stressful.

Growth created by upcycling with truly sustainable style!

Blending wonderful journaling and stationery elements with adorable art, plus adding that amazing sustainability angle to every product has seen BOHEMIAN ALLEY catch the fancy of a whole lot of customers. The quality, the art, the finish, and the price all have kept customer entranced and wanting more. No wonder the brand has fulfilled more than 2500 orders so far. It is seeing its customer base in India grow steadily. They are seeing a spike in orders even Internationally via Etsy.  

The vision for the next five years is to see the business scaling up and the team dispatching around 1000 orders a day. Opening a full- fledged operational office, hiring a team and making the enterprise flourish to a point of making it a self –sufficient, are all critical milestones in the long-term game plan.

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