RANG DHAAGA is a business that provides its consumers with a variety of stunning sarees and assurance of financial security to weavers.

A great vision finely woven with ample determination can make a world of difference. This is what the lady at the helm of RANG DHAAGA – Sudha Sengundhar – discovered, when after a lot of challenges in her personal and professional life, she decided to turn entrepreneur. 

Hailing from Gujarat, she spotted great potential in marketing locally produced, beautiful handloom sarees, which were at that time overshadowed by chiffon and georgette fabrics.  

“I decided to be the brand ambassador who would be the face of handloom sarees in Gujrat. I wanted to become a medium between people & handloom weavers.” Says Sudha.

Investing her entire savings of Rs. 50000 and borrowing a tidy sum too, Sudha booked a stall in an exhibition under the name of “Woman’s Choice” at Ahmedabad. The exhibition was a flop and it was a huge set back financially as well as emotionally. 

Not the one to give up, Sudha switched to marketing the sarees on Facebook and Instagram, which saw the business slowly pick up. In 2020 her sister Vanitha came on board and the business was registered and rebranded from “Women’s Choice” to “Rang Dhaaga.”

Today Rang Dhaaga is the “go to portal” stocked with sarees hand woven by local artisans showcasing a unique confluence of region specific fabric, colour and design. 

Vanitha shares that, “The business has made a huge difference in the perception of handloom sarees and the weaver community too has benefitted due to the business we regularly generate.”

Handloom sarees that are more than just that, they are in fact heirlooms…

The founders of RANG DHAAGA are totally aware of the labour and the creativity that goes into weaving a saree. Every saree is unique in design and freshly woven, with zero compromise on quality. This means a gift for every customer to treasure a saree that is as individual as their sense of fashion. 

In fact the exquisite fabric, the hand block print, the motifs, matched with gorgeous bold borders and delicate zari work, all make for a saree that deserves to be handed down to generations! Pick from Cotton, Kanchi Cotton, Khadi or Khadi Silk, Linen, Satin and even Georgette, there is saree made to match for every occasion. Drape it and feel the comfort and fashion both envelop you! 

Not just a business venture, a source from where every womanpreneur can draw inspiration from…

Having fulfilled the fashion dreams of more than 1000 customers, RANG DHAAGA today has reached across international fashion borders with clients in Malaysia and Canada. To strengthen and create a better life for the weaver community is a top priority. Simultaneously, taking RANG DHAAGA to the stature of a global brand is on the agenda of must do things too.

“Post pandemic, the challenges of growing the business have multiplied but me and my team are determined to continue to weave a success story. We want our brand to inspire women to take that first step, follow their heart, accept the challenges and discover their own potential,” says Sudha.

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Website – https://rangdhaaga.com/

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