REGALIA ORNAMENTS – The shine of passion and the glitter of imagination is what created this multi-faceted jewelry and fashion brand…

Regalia Ornaments

Creating a jewelry brand is a work of ceaseless passion and a constant journey of discovery. When Savri Gupta started REGALIA ORNAMENTS, she was doing her masters in psychology. She further completed her PhD in psychology. Studying and handling her business was a fine balancing act she achieved very successfully. 

“I started with a few curated jewelry designs sourced from different places and I am really proud to say that today we work with 200+ designs of Jewellery and Apparels,” mentions Savri.

As a solo womanprenuer Savri had to manage a lot of things on her own. Sourcing, marketing, pricing, order fulfillment and more was her responsibility. Working with passion and with an eye for the extraordinary she grew her business into a successful venture it is today.

Making fashion a business that covers everything a woman needs…

REGALIA ORNAMENTS operates as a retailer and wholesaler, dealing in the making, sourcing and marketing of a range of all occasion fashion jewelery, bags and also stylish apparel for women. The glass jewelry collection – “Kanchi Collection” – is also an important part of the portfolio today. In a very interesting way, the saree collection called “Nuri Sarees” too came to be added in the year 2020, when a lot of Instagram followers started inquiring about the sarees Savri wore when she modelled the jewelry. 

Today the REGALIA ORNAMENTS portfolio is make up of exquisite Oxidized Jewelery, Glass Jewelery, German Silver, Festive Jewelry all showcasing a stunning and alluring range of Chokers, Earrings, Necklaces, Kadas, Bracelets, Studs, Finger Rings and more. Trendy and quirky bags too are there for the picking. As earlier mentioned Savri also sources and markets the choicest of sarees with exquisite fabrics and pleasing tones, that reflect a sophisticated aesthetic taste and a elegant fashion sense.

It is truly a one stop fashion destination for the woman who wants to look her very best and also create a style statement of her own from head to toe. 

Regalia Ornaments

Keeping up with fashion trends and building relationships is a continuous journey towards building a trustworthy brand… 

“When it comes to jewelry it is an ever changing landscape of material, design, finishing, trends and more. For a brand to stay relevant to its customers it means to accept the challenge of always bringing in fresh designs and setting trends rather than following them,” says Savri.

Today REGALIA ORNAMENTS processes more than a 100 orders a day of a variety of jewelry pieces. It has taken efforts to build up a great rapport with its clients and positive word of mouth has helped it get new customers, to try and experience the brand. There are plans in the pipeline to go in for expansion, strengthen the brand and build a portfolio that is truly irresistible. 

Regalia Ornaments


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