LORE: Take home these super-stylish and super-affordable juttis that’ll compliment every look you wish to sport!

The right footwear, just like the right accessory, can elevate your style quotient several notches higher. As shoes play an integral role in enhancing the overall look, you ought to be extra careful while choosing the right pair that’ll not just accentuate your style but also make heads turn!

While there’s no dearth of popular footwear brands in the market, not many integrate contemporary style with traditional designs to come up with something completely fresh and captivating. Here’s a brand that offers an unconventional take on ethnic juttis to give them a stylish and elegant look, thereby ensuring juttis’ enduring popularity for generations to come. Launched on 23rd August, 2019 by a Kerela-based entrepreneur Azia, LORE presents a seamless fusion of traditional juttis with modern aesthetics in a way that makes them suitable for all kinds of outfits. So, irrespective of what you pick up from your wardrobe, LORE has got just the right footwear for you.

LORE: For the love of juttis

Azia’s fondness for juttis dates back to her childhood days when those vibrant colors and quirky designs caught her attention. Later on, her pre-covid visit to Delhi rekindled that lost love for juttis and there was no escaping this love any more. Although Azia initially wanted to establish a clothing business, she changed her mind and decided her first business would be an ode to the everlasting charm and elegance of juttis.  

She explains “I decided to start jutti business initally by buying products from re-sellers and wholesalers. As the business began to flourish, we began picking up authentic pieces from places in Punjab where they’re originally made.”

This collaboration with genuine karigars in Punjab was followed by the establishment of a multi-branded store in Azia’s Kochi. A year later, the second outlet came up in Bangalore. Now the brand is slowly but surely making its presence felt in these cities.

Say goodbye to bruised feet with super-comfy juttis

At LORE, you’ll get traditional juttis with a delightful twist! LORE is a leather footwear boutique that renders a regal aura to its incredible collection of juttis available at reasonable prices. Whether you opt for modest kolhapuris or choose to go glam in high-heels, these juttis will blend into all kinds of fashion trends. 

The soles are made of premium-quality leather that’s quite unlike the hard and heavy leather you get in the market. The double-cushioned LORE leather is extremely durable yet gentle on your skin. The brand prioritizes comfort and quality above everything else so that you don’t have to worry about sore feet and painful blisters. The startup is spread all across Kochi and Bangalore and has served around 1500 customers till date.

LORE: Eyeing the future…

Encouraged by its soaring success, Azia plans to launch a few more outlets down South. LORE has collaborated with popular, Mumbai-based social-media influencer, Taruna Rathode for one of its latest ethnic collections. More such collaborations are on the way, all in an attempt to make this venture bigger and better so that it becomes the “go-to” brand for all kinds of juttis.

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