Nature’s Goodness Unlocked with Rakhi Pikle’s skincare and soapmaking workshops

Rakhi Pikle

Most of us look at health in terms of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Of course these things are very important, but what about the products we are using on our bodies? Our skin is our largest organ and will absorb almost everything you put onto it. We use a wide range of cleansers, soaps, sprays and lotions on our bodies everyday while unknowingly exposing our skin to a wide range of unnecessary chemicals, which eventually make their way into our bloodstream. Most of these products are detrimental to our skin and can adversely affect our health in the long term.

With an aim to provide organic goodness and nourishment to the skin, certified skincare formulator Rakhi Pikle launched her own line of natural skincare and cold processed soaps under the name The Green Sage through various e-commerce websites.  

“I was seeing so many people around who were fed up of the artificial chemicals in their skin care products. That was a trigger for me and I thought …..Would general public like to make their own cold process soaps, natural cleansers, moisturizers, body butters, facial and body scrubs etc? This question gave birth to ‘Skincare and Soapmaking Workshops by Rakhi Pikle’,” says the founder.

Natural Skincare Is The Way Forward

Rakhi is a highly qualified formulator and has a number of degrees under her belt. Some of them include Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, Certificate in Organic Anti-Aging Skincare, Certificate in Chocolate Spa Products, Certificate in Facial Mask Therapy. She is also working hard in pursuing her Advance Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science as well as Diploma in Organic Haircare Formulation.

“At ‘Skincare & Soapmaking Workshops by Rakhi Pikle’ we believe that a good product should contain minimum amount of ingredients which are in their natural state provided by nature. In our workshops we strive to help you develop unique, fresh and effective products to promote healthy skin and natural glow. Our products are made with basic ingredients – simple formulas that work which only include the necessary key ingredients. We only use natural ingredients provided by mother nature; pure oils, organic flowers, butters, beeswax and essential oils. This means Non-GMO, No Alcohol, No synthetic fragrance and No fillers.” explains Rakhi.

These workshops are instrumental in covering a wide range of topics that empower students with the essential concepts of soap making. They’ll learn the what, the why and most importantly the how. All classes are hands on and students walk away with gorgeous handmade products as well as an informative handbook to use as reference for future creating. Formulation techniques as well as  common and useful ingredients, including essential oils, carrier oils, butters and waxes, natural preservative options are covered during the classes.

What the future holds

Rakhi has conducted several workshops. “So far, I have trained more than 50 students in cold process soapmaking and skincare. Due to the pandemic situation people are getting more environmentally conscious and opting for handmade and natural products. Since August 2021, the demand for my skincare and soapmaking workshop has tripled. Due to the hands-on nature of the classes, they are limited to Mumbai city as of now,” shares Rakhi.

After conquering the world of skincare, Rakhi has her eye on the haircare realm. She is pursuing Organic Haircare Formulation from Formula Botanica and will soon be starting Natural Shampoo & Conditioner making. Her mission is to provide expert guidance in organic and natural skincare as well as haircare.

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