Qshala : How Curiosity Fueled The Journey Of Two Lawyers And Led To The Creation Of A Unique Educational Startup

Qshala Founders
Qshala Founders

Launched in 2014, Walnut Knowledge Solutions is a pioneer in the field of education that offers a holistic approach to learning. Heading this venture are two former corporate lawyers and passionate quizzers, namely Sachin Ravi and Raghav Chakravarthy.

Though most ed-tech companies in India follow an exam-driven approach, Walnut Knowledge Solutions launched a flagship product called Qshala that focuses on a more long-term ideal: that of preparing a child for the future by building 21st century skills. The unique curriculum has been developed with over 5 years of extensive interaction with more than 10,000 children.

Qshala: A Fresh Start to the Journey

For Sachin and Raghav, the association dates back to their school days where they both participated in inter-school quiz competitions. Sachin slowly became a competitive quizzer, with national and international accolades to his name. Raghav’s lifelong quest for curiosity was nurtured through fascinating conversations with his father. Even while serving as legal managers for ICICI Bank, these curious individuals joined hands to create Walnut Knowledge Solutions in Bengaluru. Today, it has conducted 500+ workshops in partnership with 80 + schools pan India and 2000+ parents online, thus piquing the curiosity of 80,000 inquisitive minds.

Qshala : An innovation in the field of education

In order to establish curiosity as one of the major pillars of academic excellence, QShala was launched. It aims to be the world’s largest online learning platform that uses its curiosity curriculum filled with questions, stories and activities to make children life-directed learners in an ever-changing world and to keep their inquisitiveness alive.

The team says “Our program uses questions along with comprehension, context building, listening, storytelling and other activities to help kids construct a framework of how to think, without telling them what to think. In our world, every child gets the opportunity to question, be heard and be answered.”

The startup was awarded a grant from the Government of Karnataka under Elevate100, an initiative of the Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka, where the top 100+ start-ups were shortlisted and identified by a grand jury.

Though based out of Bengaluru, Qshala quizzes such as Prajavani Quiz Championship and Swacch Bharat Quiz are conducted for school children across Karnataka. A series of launch events are organized across premier management institutions such as IIMs, XLRI. It is associated with college fests and inter-college quiz competitions as well. Numerous online engagements are conducted for firms such as Hindustan Unilever, Oracle, HP, Adobe, Juniper Networks, and Wipro among others. For Ascendas Singbridge, the team created a Pan-India business quiz for all employees working within the Ascendas technology parks. Notably, Qshala is the first company in the world to conduct a quiz in all 7 continents in the world including the Antarctic Peninsula, and 2 Limca Records are testimonies to that.

Services on a Platter

The company operates in 2 modalities: curriculum-based (Qshala Discover) and skill-based (Qshala Online). QShala Discover (B2B model) runs during school hours as a QShala period, where social sciences and the sciences are taken as a subject in a relatable manner.

The B2C offering, QShala Online is a post-school offering which focuses on building 21st century skills keeping curiosity at the heart of learning. Children need skills like public speaking, money management, awareness of fake news to develop critical thinking, curiosity, communication, collaboration, compassion, social interaction, inclusiveness and citizenship.

QShala also hosts Online Family Quiz every Sunday. They have gone from 50 families to 8000 families across the world in just a few weeks. They have quizzes for all age groups and the participants get a chance to win some exciting prizes.  The quizzes are hosted not only in India but also internationally.

Here are the registration links for the quiz-

Grades 1-3, register here: https://bit.ly/38fBGmr (meeting password: 217000)

Grades 4 and above, or you’re just young at heart yourself, register here: https://bit.ly/2BMTysL (meeting password: 847382)

International- Register here: http://bit.ly/qofqint (meeting password: 372829)

Growth plans for future

The ultimate vision is to build the largest digital school in the world powered by the unique Curiosity Curriculum that connects children worldwide. In the coming months, the team intends to promote the QShala brand, hire for key positions, build technology platforms and strengthen various distribution channels. Having now transitioned to an online medium, the growth trajectory is expected to improve.

Qshala is a reliable name for new-age aspirational Indian parents who believe developing real world skills in their children and preparing them for future uncertainty are of utmost importance.

To know more visit – www.qshala.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/qshala_official/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/QShalaWalnut/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/QShalaOnline

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/walnut-knowledge-solutions

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ-qSbu44Pe0sEh-4cEKb1g

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