Traditions Tanjoresetc: How A Once-Minuscule Venture Rose From Its Humble Beginning And Made Waves In The World Of Classical Indian Art

At a time when we, as Indian citizens, are slowly drifting away from our culture and heritage, it is important to be reminded of the strength of our roots, the richness of our history and the uniqueness of our craftsmanship. Founded in 2010 by a niece-aunt duo of Shikha Kejriwal and Shruti Bansal, Traditions Tanjoresetc is a startup venture that strives to raise awareness about the rich classical Indian form of art made by the first generation of folk artists.

First step for Creativity and Commerce to come together

tanjore boxes

The initiation into the fascinating world of classical Indian art is a story worth sharing with every Indian, instilling in him/her a sense of pride associated with an incredibly vibrant lineage.

The founders explained “During our travels to the South, we came across beautiful old traditional temples which tweaked interest in us for Indian art. We have always been in awe of our rich Indian art and culture, and due to this common interest, we thought of promoting our rich heritage and uplifting our dying art and tradition.”

Once the dynamic founders decided to take up the challenge of establishing this out-of-the-box business venture, there was no looking back.

Traditions Tanjoresetc: Showcasing India’s rich artistic past to the world

The venture started with Tanjore paintings and soon after it collaborated with artists from all over India to promote Indian art like Kerala Murals, Phads, Pichhwais, and Gond.

 Elaborating further, the founders said “We have commissioned artwork for living rooms, puja rooms and wedding favors. We have also incorporated this artwork into boxes, plates and a lot of other gifting ideas to make them more interesting and appealing. Our paintings can be customized according to the client’s requirements. We endeavor to familiarize gen next too, with our beautiful culture so that there is continuity and people start recognizing and appreciating our rich heritage.”

Tanjore Paintings are famous across the globe for their contribution in creating a classical style for South Indian painting. Tracing its roots to the historical era of the early 18th century, Tanjore art work is one of the many indigenous art forms for which India is noted.These paintings originating from Thanjavur are known for their gold leafing with stones and classical south Indian figures.

Tanjore Paintings

Pichhwai Paintings are intricate pieces of art that depict Lord Krishna in all his moods and moments, focusing on his thoughts, his body posture and his attire. The word Pichhwai derives from the Sanskrit words pichh meaning back and wais meaning hanging.For those interested, orders can be placed on their social media pages and also there are provisions for visiting the gallery through appointments. The gallery is situated at 1st Floor, Todi Estate, Sunmill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Traditions Tanjore Gwal Darshan

A glimpse into the Present and the Future

As far as present business engagements are concerned, Traditions Tanjoresetc has now opened doors of its gallery to everyone (on appointment basis only) so that people can directly witness the richness of Indian art. Alternatively, one could even check the collection on its social media pages.

For the future, the company aims to create awareness of Indian classical art by having these paintings and artwork accessories available in each Indian household. The paintings are made by first generation artists who know and portray every essence of the classical and cultural art. Traditions Tanjoresetc is doing a commendable job and one can only hope that it will go from strength to strength in the coming days.

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