Botany Bar: This Skin-Care Brand Is Determined To Defy All Odds And Emerge As A Prominent Player In The Market

Botany Bar

Due to growing demand and a rich client-base, skin-care based start-ups have mushroomed across multiple cities in India. However, not every such venture is a success. Launched on 24th January 2019 by founder Eklavya Rishi, Botany Bar is one of the few skincare brands that, despite being a greenhorn in this massively competitive industry, is making its presence felt. It is slowly emerging as one of the key brands in the beauty and skincare sector. The company strives to revolutionize the skincare industry by offering the most advanced and authenticated products towards skin problems.

Thus the journey begins

The founder, Eklavya Rishi, had the vision to come up with B2C. Explaining further, he said “After much brainstorming, we realized that not much focus has been given towards basic skin treatment and its improvement. So we diverted from the conventional way of getting into the beauty line and focused on therapeutic aspects that one can enjoy in a skin product specially made using pure natural resources like fruits, food, etc.”

The founder having his background in biochemistry gave utmost importance to every minute detail – from conceptualization to procurement of raw materials, packing materials, etc making sure that every raw material used is 100 percent pure and natural.

Moreover, he added, “With these points as our priority, we launched our brand Botany Bar in January 2019, and we’re proud to say that our customers are really happy with the efficacy and the texture of our products.”

Botany Bar: For the love of your skin

Botany Bar Product

The Botany Bar is an optimum skincare brand whose products are manufactured by merging the benefits of natural ingredients with the advancement of new-age technology. Simply put, it’s a one-stop-shop for skin enrichment and skin repair that is completely unisex and suitable for all skin types. Botany Bar products are delivered across PAN India through Social Media, Amazon, Smytten, Near Store, and Bharatiya Co. The hugely positive reviews from customers have encouraged the Botany Bar team to widen their reach by exporting their products to different countries.

Let’s peek into the products


There are two prominent products of Botany BarSkin Oil and Papaya Skin Gel. The Skin Oil is a therapeutic oil formulated using natural, rich, and pure essential oils with vitamins and antioxidants. It is best used for moisturizing your skin, uneven skin tone, dry and aging skin, and protection of skin from environmental effluents. It enhances your skin since it has features such as skin smoothening, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and hence effectively preventing skin tightening. It is also used as a primer amongst women and as an aftershave amongst men. The Papaya Skin Gel is manufactured using fresh fermented papaya fruit with the goodness of petroleum jelly and vitamins. It works effectively on minor scars, cuts, rashes, and burns, cracked heels, and lips prevent skin chafing, nappy rash, and helps best to regenerate skin cells. A complete skin repair solution.

Road map for the future

Currently, the brand is focusing on the significant use of their products especially during the COVID time and creating awareness about the same to their customers.  Eklavya elaborated “With more products in the pipeline formulated in different concepts as we mentioned earlier, our goal is to make sure that we are not only present on every platform (online and offline) but also in every household locally and globally.”

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