Pratikrut: This artist is depicting India’s rich heritage of abstract and contemporary art!

What makes Indian art truly special is its embodiment of the country’s rich history, diverse customs, unique topography and its all-inclusive fabric of different cultures and traditions. It’s as much about the Madhubani and Phad paintings as about the Pattachitra and Kerala murals. These centuries-old art forms stand as a solid testimony to India’s enduring legacy that has captivated the world with its authenticity and skill. Pratikrut

Contrary to popular belief, today’s youth is not just aware of the monumental impact of India’s artistic legacy but is playing a significant role in promoting and preserving it. Here’s a Pune-based artist Pratiti Desai who’s unveiling India’s rich heritage of abstract and contemporary art through her beloved startup named Pratikrut. If you’re looking for a seamless blend of Indian folk, ancient paintings and modern art, Pratikrut is the place for you. Pratiti wants to open her own art gallery that’ll propagate the timeless beauty of our 5000-years old art and culture so that we learn to recognize and appreciate our own artists as much as we adore their western counterparts.

When you let your passion lead the way


What began as a hobby soon evolved into a lifelong passion for Pratiti as she spent countless hours honing her skills in sketching and painting to her heart’s content. She did a lot of creative work during her college days and began selling her paintings during that time. A diploma in fine arts combined with a major in psychology gave her an insight into colour psychology as she understood the impact colors have in the way we see the world around us. Thus, one can find a seamless inclusion of behavioral and color theory into her art.

Over a period of time, Pratiti came to discover the enchanting beauty of ancient art forms of the Indian subcontinent such as Madhubani, Shekhawati Frescoes, Pattachitra, Warli and decided to integrate them in her paintings. Pratiti explains “Soon, I started customizing paintings to incorporate Madhubani, Pattachitra, Aipan along with Pichwai, ghot gokra, Warli into my work. Her fondness for acrylic, water and poster colors led her to explore the depth and composition of a painting through these mediums. During Covid lockdown in 2021, Pratiti decided to establish her own brand and do her bit in elevating the popularity of Indian art.

Sketching on insights and instincts

Pratikrut presents a wide range of traditional, abstract and contemporary paintings deeply influenced by Indian folk art yet striving to retain a modern touch. The art wizard that she is, Pratiti has carefully observed the artworks of various Padma Shri awardees and learnt around 10 different styles of painting including Madhubani and Kaalik art. Whether it’s a modern art acrylic painting on a framed canvas, an abstract Madhubani style black and white painting, a multicolored mandala describing the symmetry of color-schemed dots, a Shekhawati fresco of a young girl created on a tile of slaked lime (chuna) and a wooden frame or an acrylic painting of a tribal woman wearing a cultural attire on her wedding day – every painting tells a story and each one of them leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. Her clients include Dr. Sonal Jhaveri physiotherapist, Jagir Jhaveri Jwells Ahemdabad & Aarambh Garments Mumbai.

It’s not just an art. It’s a way of life… (Pratikrut)

The talented artist considers paintings to be an extension of one’s own self. She elaborates “A painting on a canvas is not just a form, design or shape, it’s a reflection of myself. Each painting has its own story, whether it’s an ancient Indian folk tale or a modern culture of the 21st century.” For her, art is a medium of self-awakening through intricate brush-strokes & splash of bright colors. And with her brand Pratikrut, the insightful journey into the world of art has only just begun.

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