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Pranika Creations

In the recent pandemic there were two things that people got to explore a lot. Cooking and Art!  There was plenty of time on hand and a lot of things to experiment with. This gave rise to solo entrepreneurs, who now found ways to explore and convert their passion, into a profitable and sustainable business model.

Things like customized Mirrors and Home Name Plates, became individual statements of style and beautiful home décor. Pranika Creations was at the forefront of adding a special touch to these elements.

Says the Founder, Reema Bansal, “I am a CA by profession and also a self-taught artist. I learnt the beautiful and therapeutic art of Dot Mandala in the lockdown. Using this intricate and detailed art form I created a Name Plate for a friend. I got a wonderful response and this started my entrepreneurial journey.”

Creating a Success Story Dot by Beautiful Dot

Launched on 1st October 2020 with a modest capital investment Pranika Creations entered into the very niche and highly competitive home décor business vertical. Today, it is primarily in the creation of Dot Mandala products and also Resin and Macrame décor items. What it is really known for however, is its entire range of beautifully handcrafted, Dot Mandala Name Plates and Mirrors.

“What makes these so different and unique is that every single design is customized according to the client requirements. No two products are the same”, says Reema proudly.

Pranika Creations Featured By Sameera Reddy

The design model works on getting clients involved in discussions, understanding their needs and visualizing the results they are imagining. After this, a few reference pictures and samples are shared so that everything is clear and actual design work can begin. This adds that personal touch of each client to the final design and also builds an emotional touch for them with the product.

As a first-time entrepreneur Reema says” Beginning from the very first order, I have had the complete backing of my family, especially my husband who encouraged me.”  

Then getting orders from friends and family to getting and fulfilling orders from people who are complete strangers, the journey of Pranika Creations has been dotted with success. Every post shared on the Instagram handle  has got great reviews and encouraging comments from a lot of people.  These visitors have also been converted into customers who in turn recommended the products to their friends and family. This is how the business is growing today.

PRANIKA CREATIONS – Ready for the future

Today with the fast growing and welcome acceptance of individually customized designs for home décor items, there are very promising times ahead. Pranika Creations is now gearing up with more aggressive marketing plans with twin objectives. One is to increase the product portfolio. The other is too aggressively market the brand to reach out and expand its customer base across Indian markets. For this it is also investing in digital sampling, so that faster turnaround of customer demands can be achieved. Look out for more imaginatively crafted home décor soon from the company.

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