Cananor Guild: Bringing Bespoke Handloom Textiles To Your Doorstep

Cananor Guild

Growing up, we have heard about the immaculate craftsmanship of the Indian handloom and textile industry. Sadly, we have also heard the increasing decline in this industry in its country of origin owing to mass produced machine products. Manjul Jayakumar and Vandhana Sunil founded Cananor Guild with the aim to revive this dying industry by providing quality home décor and home furnishing fabrics to their customers. Once a lucrative industry, the handloom sector of our country was famed all over the world for its intricate designs and fabric. While the quality still remains the same, the demand for such products in its home country keeps declining and that’s just disheartening. Talent deserves the recognition and it is this recognition and pride that Manjul and Vandhana aim to bring back to the craftsmen toiling away all day to provide the industry with its finest products.

The Birth of an Idea

Cananor Guild

Based in Kannur, Kerala, the place known as the land of looms and lores, they dug deep into the essence of the place to provide the best of the handloom industry to all their customers. Being brought up in the handloom industry with a legacy of over four generations in the industry, Manjul and Vandhana came up with the idea when they noticed their friends using products that their parent company has been exporting abroad only to buy them from London or USA. They sensed a market gap in the industry in India and they decided to capitalise that using the best handloom craftsmanship in the country.

Experienced hands running the business

Upon graduating from Cass Business School, London, Manjul worked at one of the leading textile companies in London, with a focus on customer centric roles. He developed relations and contacts with major textile barons in the country to help expand his business in the future.

Cananor Guild

Vandhana is a seasoned design professional who has worked with some of the greatest creative minds in high-end companies such as Ogilvy & Mather and Deloitte Digital. Every company achieves success when the designing and the marketing work hand in hand in unity. Manjul and his wife aim to do just that by combining their skills together for the company.

Cananor Guild: A company with a cause

The services rendered by the company have received immense appreciation from all the customers. With the goal to become global, the company is focusing mainly on capturing the Indian market currently owing to its vast potential. While the company aims to revive a shrinking industry, Manjul and Vandhana deserve special applause for providing employment to women, making their work force comprising of 90% of women and opting for eco-friendly working structures that just make Cananor Guild noteworthy. The company has immense potential and is sure to achieve the growth it deserves owing to the hard work of its founders and each and every artisan.

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