Love me Knots – Caught up in knots of imagination, with their handmade macramé collection.

Love me Knots

A business enterprise created and successfully developed by the daughter, after learning the art of macramé from her mother – this sums up what Love me Knots is all about. It is also about creating a very unique identity for oneself, by using the not very well known art of Macramé, which is a creative process of making anything from textile fiber using the technique of knots.

Starting out in 2018, it was a bit difficult to get noticed, since not many were aware about this art and also not sure how anything made out of this would last. Vidhi Malhotra, the passionate and talented founder says, “I transitioned from being a professional interior and furniture designer to an entrepreneur designing, manufacturing and retailing in macramé, with the guidance of the head artist: My Mother. We started out small using exhibitions and Instagram as our mediums to reach the consumer, eventually our unique ideas and desire to make this art familiar to the consumers soon helped the business pick up.”

Today, Love me Knots is a brand known to create exciting and truly trendy piece of fashion wears.

Handmade macramé collection that is changing perceptions

Crochet, knitting and stitching are things which people are familiar with and they think things made using these skills are not all that up to the mark.  The same was the opinion for the art of macramé. However, Love me Knots stepped into the market and proved, that a macramé artist can create truly stylish and luxurious items, using a vibrant mix of colourful, ecofriendly chords and a pattern of intricate knots.

Today, the Love me Knots product portfolio is simply mesmerizing. It boasts of a truly eclectic collection of plant hangers, dream catchers, tote bags, clutches, earrings, key chains, footwear, wall mirrors, slings bags, coasters and more.

All products are made using the best imported raw material and finished to perfection to meet the customer’s choice of colour, dimension and finish. The turnaround time is sufficiently quick so that a customer does not have to wait too long. What Love me Knots also tries to do, is make things that are more suitable to the Indian household, so that customers can find both beauty and utility in the creations.

Today it has built up an impressive clientele and ships worldwide to a host of happy customers.

Customizing knots beautifully to bring joy to customers

Every single creation at Love me Knots is a statement of individuality and a true reflection of the imagination of its client’s needs. What it does very skillfully is that it demonstrates the beauty of handmade macramé items. It shows how customization is so much more innovative than factory line produced objects, which look the same and have no soul.

Says Vidhi, “I want to make people understand that every product we make is completely hand made with love. They are ecofriendly. In a way we are offering a smart alternative to luxurious leather products with no compromise on design and style. Customization to please every customer that is how we are creating our own success story – ONE KNOT AT A TIME.”

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