Nishtha’s Handmade – A testimony to the adage that it’s never too late to learn and begin something new!

The enterprise Nishtha’s Handmade is truly a story being built on the fuel of lots of enthusiasm, solid determination and of course oodles of creativity.

The entrepreneurial venture of Nishtha Suri, a teacher in Faridabad who decided to follow her passion at the age of 54 with a capital investment of 10K.  The business commenced operations on 6th Oct 2019, with a product portfolio that consisted of items made exclusively by the art of crochet.

Nishtha’s Handmade

For Nishtha crochet is more like a soothing therapy. “Crochet has given me an outlet. Whenever I pick up the hook and challenge myself to crochet something new, I can feel the anxiousness oozing out of my hands,” is what she says. At the same time this has resulted into the creation of graceful crochet earrings, macrame mandala mirrors, embroidered hoops, or any other home décor.

Nishtha’s Handmade

The vision, or you could also say that the whole purpose of the enterprise is to spread the very beautiful and relaxing art of crochet across the country and also to generate positive sentiment for the crochet artists. The message that Nishtha also wants to share is that, “products created from the art of crochet, are really worth the money a customer pays because they last for a lifetime, and this longevity of crochet, macrame & embroidered products is what enables artists to get the true worth of the hard work that they put in to create every piece.”

Creating crochet art that has everyone hooked!

Nishtha’s Handmade

Nishtha’s Handmade started off with a bulk order of 50 pairs of earrings after her daughter had casually posted the picture of a crochet earring on Instagram. When After crochet, Nishtha laid her hands on macrame that she had learned various decades ago and made a macramé pot hanger which is making things move faster.

This opened up fresh new business as well as creative avenues. Nishtha realized that there were a lot of possibilities in a handicraft business when people started to order different items.

Nishtha’s Handmade

For example, a relative of hers from the USA placed an order for a crocheted bralette. “When I started to put crochet hook and yarn together to create the bralette, I really thought oh my god someone is going to wear what I am creating,” recalls Nishtha. But today she has fulfilled a bulk order for the same product.

Nishtha’s Handmade also has cute, comfortable, and colorful products like cup cozies, face masks, macramé plant holders for big, medium, small plants, coasters and doilies, cute trinket dishes, and also a range of winter wear like beanies, mufflers, socks, and gloves. Crocheted hoop earrings & Macrame Air Shelves are amongst her bestsellers.

Nishtha’s Handmade – Art that has got appreciation and now is set to explore a larger dimension

Nishtha’s Handmade

“From the time of beginning operations and till date, my emphasis has been upon creating beautiful decor as well as personal wearable items that are distinctive in every aspect,” says Nishtha.

This uniqueness has seen the brand experience exponential growth in its customer base. The number of customers who have bought and experienced the beauty of Nishtha’s creations reached a healthy 200+ and is growing by the day.

The next logical step is exploring international avenues and establishing a strong presence on all leading e-commerce platforms which can help the brand reach out to more customers.

Nishtha’s Handmade

Nishtha also has a stirring message for every startup “Orders do not define our worth. Orders are not validation or certificates that define our art. Our own deep satisfaction of what we create is the only validation we need.”

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