Bet you can’t take your eyes off Moirra’s rich collection of exquisitely crafted fabric-based jewelry

“Give a girl the right jewelry and she can conquer the world.”

Often considered the most important accessory that a girl can possess, jewelry has the power to transform, not just the outward appearance, but also the real individual beneath the personality. As they say, never underestimate what the right piece of jewelry can do to elevate your style quotient and inner confidence.


Given its undisputed popularity and timeless appeal, jewelry continues to be most women’s go-to accessory when it comes to expressing their style and creativity.


Let’s talk about a brand that’s redefining fashion jewelry in its own distinct ways.  Launched in January 2019 by Gurgaon based entrepreneur Ramika, Moirra offers a unique collection of eco-friendly, handcrafted jewelry that strives to incorporate the beautiful motifs and embroidery into their creations, thus rendering an unmatched charm into each of their statement pieces.

All that Moirra aims for is to be able to depict the richness and purity of Indian heritage as also the incredible craftsmanship of Indian artisans.

Carving her own path, just like her mother


Like any other independent enterprise, Moirra is a culmination of extensive planning, hard work and a strong desire to do “something different”. Ramika started her entrepreneurial journey on the sidelines while still working in another company. It was during the pandemic that Moirra became her sole focus.

But how did it all begin? As Ramika grew up watching her mother run a boutique for kid’s clothing, she felt inspired to follow in her footsteps and create her own venture.

Ramika’s love for fabrics and designs can be traced back to her childhood when she watched her mother create magic with fabrics of all kinds. Later on, it was Ramika’s sister who first recognised her creativity and passion. She suggested “Why don’t you put your interest in a professional way in doing something unique?” That’s how a startup was born.

Moirra: Jewelry with an embroidered twist


What makes Moirra irreplaceable is its exclusive range of fabric-based, handcrafted jewelry inspired by India’s rich legacy and classic art works. The eternal charm of Indian embroidery, described by Ramika as “paintings with needle and thread”, is skillfully utilized in its jewelry collections.

A Moirra jewelry can lend beauty and elegance to even the plainest of attires, thus making you stand out from the rest. So whether it’s an ethnic look or a contemporary one, Moirra never disappoints.

The brand firmly believes in the enduring appeal of handmade art developed painstakingly by talented local artisans. Furthermore, Moirra walks the path of sustainability and zero wastage. 


Ramika points out “We try our best to use waste fabric as our base. Also, we try to ensure zero wastage so we utilize them as either the back of our products or as earnings and broaches.” Its latest collection is inspired by beautiful Kashmiri motifs that are deftly infused with embroidery and metallic zari.

What lies ahead


The Gurgaon-based startup launched its website in August last year. It has collaborated with some prominent stores in Bangalore. Talks are on for extending its operations in Mumbai. Among its customers are a few eminent YouTubers and social media influencers who have showered love on Moirra jewelry.

Before signing off..


The pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Ramika and her startup. During this period, the company witnessed a steady growth and by the end of 2020, “business started picking up considerable pace”. Ramika is confident of overcoming all hurdles that her dearest Moirra may encounter in future.

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