Freesia By Saumya- The Right Fusion of Haute Couture And Ethnicity

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”-Karl Lagerfeld

The Next Wave in the Indian Apparel Market

There has been a significant shift in the customers’ fashion choices and they now prefer apparel that offers the right blend of traditional and contemporary styles. This has prompted retailers and designers to adapt their business models to accommodate this demand. Both demographic and psychographic transformation is causing a noticeable shift in fit, preference, and product uniqueness in the Indian apparel industry. This was previously deeply rooted in the vastness and richness of Indian culture.

Custom clothing offers buyers the satisfaction of knowing that they own apparel that is unique to their style and personality, as opposed to ready-made brands.

The emergence of fusion wear has revolutionized the Indian fashion industry. Women, today want contemporary styles and vintage charm to blend and thus Indo-western wear is fast catching up. The segment primarily stands as an amalgamation of ethnic and western styles to offer an innovative solution to the changing fashion taste of Indian women. This genre refers to silhouettes that are inspired by western fashion trends and patterns and yet rely heavily on Indian fashion sensibilities in terms of prints, fabrics, and overall styling.

Introducing Easy breezy Indian silhouettes to elevate your aesthetics

Freesia By Saumya

Freesia a symbolic flower of vibrant hues and auspiciousness depicts purity, innocence, and luck. Bringing the same vibe to everyone’s life is a startup brand named Freesia by Saumya. It is a clothing brand that provides ethnic wear with a modern contemporary touch of styling. It is the perfect choice for all sassy women who want a fusion of traditional & modern outfits. The idea is to experiment with cool and breezy colors and make the outfit pop, making it stand out.

The uniqueness about the brand is that, unlike traditional Indian Wears, their clothing is light- weighted, breezier and comfortable. They not only restrict to self-designing but also customize according to customer needs.

How The Brand Got Conceptualized

Freesia By Saumya

Saumya Srivastava has been working in the IT industry since 11 years and has always carried an innate passion to design clothes on her own. Even for her wedding, she wanted an exquisite piece of her choice and even the most sought after and expensive designs did not satiate this fashionista. She did frequent apparel designing for her friends and showcased some of her work on the Instagram page too.

After brainstorming and discussing the business plans with her friends and getting good responses and follows on the social media platform, she finally launched her brand with an investment of 1.5 lacs in March 2021.

The Surging Demand & Goals Ahead

Freesia By Saumya

So far, the brand has fulfilled many orders in a mere span of a year since its launch and has witnessed a growth rate of 60%- 70 %. Presently they get orders through Instagram and in near future, they aim to open physical stores in Bangalore.

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