Doggobits: With this natural and nutritious dog food brand, we ensure that your dog’s health and happiness is in the best hands.

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.” Nothing sums up a dogs love better than this quote by John Grogan.

Often known as man’s best friend, a dog is one of man’s most faithful companions and also his most fierce protector. It is precisely these qualities that make a dog an ideal pet. For those who are pet owners, a dog is treated as a family member and showered with love and affection. But how does one make sure that the nutritious needs of their pets are also taken care of.

It’s not just food which needs to be healthy but snacking can be healthy too. Also, how does one care for an ailing pet in the current market scenario? What kinds of food is available in the Indian market? Does it provide all the necessary nutrition that a dog requires?


The answer to all these questions lies in Doggobits. Launched in the year 2020 by Namrata in Bangalore, Doggobits a one stop shop for all your doggy needs. As a dog mom to three dogs herself, Namrata has a fair idea of what dogs need in terms of care and nourishment. Her family is a complete pet loving family as even her children love the dogs like their own siblings. But it is her own journey with her dogs that led her to create a healthy and organic product for all dogs.

“My dog was diagnosed with cancer when I realized that the products available in the market were not sufficient to feed an ailing animal. Seeing her suffer used to give me immense pain and I felt absolutely helpless as my hands were tied. We tried a number of treatments and medicines to cure her but they were all in vain. After I lost my dog, I decided that I had to do something to help dogs get better nutrition so that they could be taken care of in a better manner. I wanted to do my best in ensuring that no dog has to suffer due to poor nutrition,” explains Namrata.

Leaving paw prints across the country


Doggobits was the result of months of research and understanding into what ingredients can be safe for a dog. It offers cookies, cakes, cupcakes, liver chunks chicken jerky and Meatrix made by 100% organic raw materials. No additional chemicals or preservatives are added making them not only a delicious but also healthy treat. This all natural treat is a step closer to improving the overall health of dogs in India.

The brand has become a hit with pet owners as Namrata has grown from receiving 1 order a day to almost 25 orders in one single day in the span of 2 years. Doggobits is single handedly managed by Namrata from sourcing, production, packaging as well as business development.


“I am happy to see that pet owners have responded well to my brand. This just goes to show that there is a market for those looking for all natural, good quality dog food. I hope that Doggobits sees exponential growth and I am able to service a wide range of consumers,” concludes Namrata.

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