Shikha Stitchery: An Embroidery Business That Is Taking Over The World One Stitch At A Time

The lost art of stitching is one of the most therapeutic activities that you can undertake. The sharpness of a needle pairs beautifully with the supple nature of the colourful threads to create unique art work that is a treat to the eyes. Embroidery was originally associated with garments as it was used to create colourful motifs on plain fabrics. Thus, embroidered ethnic wear has been a great hit with Indian audiences. However, the beauty of embroidery has spilled over onto several other product categories. You can now see embroidered bags, wallets, make up pouches, handkerchiefs, pillow cases and bedsheets, home décor items and even embroidered face masks!

With such innovation, Shikha decided to capitalize on the current trend and start her business that offers a flurry of customized products that feature beautifully embroidered motifs. At the age of 23, in April 2020, Shikha decided to monetize her lifelong hobby of embroidery when she gifted her friend a handmade, embroidered memento which was very well received. 

Brand USP

Shikha Stitchery

The lockdown proved to be a great time for Shikha to perfect her craft. “During the pandemic I took the time to learn various stitching techniques and also finally set up my business which I had planned to do for so many years. Since all my products are handmade, I can customize each product as per the client’s requirement and make it a valuable keepsake for them. I think the element of personalization is what sets Shikha Stitchery apart from any other brand,” explains Shikha. The brand offers a range of products that include wedding hoops of various kinds, leaf embroidery, photo embroidery, canvas embroidery, fabric embroidery (clothes), vintage frames and other forms of embroidered gifts.

Shikha Stitchery

A teacher by profession, Shikha has completed her B.Ed and was working in a school but was never really satisfied with her profession. So she started embroidery as a hobby and began posting her work onto Instagram. “Soon, a lady from Gurgaon approached me and asked me to create an embroidered mask for her. I explained to her that I am not currently taking orders, but she was insistent. So I created this mask for her and she was so happy with the result that she started recommending me to her loved ones. Soon I was flooded with orders and actress Avantika Mohan even gave me a shout out which propelled my business even further,” says Shikha.

Scaling New Heights

Shikha Stitchery

After her first celebrity order, there was no looking back. Shikha Stitchery has successfully served more than 500 customers and even got inquiries from brides for their wedding hoops. The brand understands each individual client’s requirement and accordingly curates a product that is just for them. Shikha Stitchery aims to expand its footprint by participating in art exhibitions across the country. They also plan to work with bigger brands and foray into the clothing segment.

“I plan to employ more women who can help me in embroidery thus creating a wider audience for my art and also empowering women to stand on their own feet. Shikha Stitchery began when my clients had greater belief in me than I had in myself. So I owe it to my creativity to explore it to its highest potential.”

Perhaps the most surprising part of Shikha Stitchery’s journey is that the brand was started in Shikha’s own residence using old needles and threads borrowed from her mother!

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