NimbusPost: With 2 Million+ daily transactions and 10,000+ happy sellers, this tech- enabled logistics company is providing the most benefiting shipping services to online sellers


    “Behind every great leader, there was an even greater logistician.” – M. Cox

    The growing expectations of consumers, the expected agility of e-commerce and shipping businesses, and the momentum with which these industries are growing demand a stronghold on their logistics prowess. A lot depends on the storage, delivery, and management of orders to keep these industries running. By optimising one’s  supply chain and improving organisational efficiency when it comes to logistics, businesses can increase their chance of success exceptionally. That is why the logistics aggregator industry has crossed the mark of being a $300 billion industry last year.

    Accelerating business growth

    Established in 2019, NimbusPost is a SaaS-based logistics automation & e-commerce CRM that works on simplifying the daily hassles related to the logistics of a business. In little more than two years of its existence, the company is already working with 17+ courier partners servicing 27000+ pin codes for top-level clients like Meena Bazaar, SleepyOwl, ShopClues, Khadi Global, Boodmo.

    The tech based Platfom enables online sellers to reduce their shipping hassles by giving them complete transparency, real-time monitoring, quick clearance on RTOs and reducing RTOs by up to 25%*. NimbusPost offers a free account set up and subscription to its services to allow the sellers to find their best shipping partner for each shipment.

    From where it all began

    The founders, Yash Jain and Rajeev Pratap, developed the business model of NimbusPost after brainstorming hard on the core problems that the modern industries face in maintaining their sales channels. They realised that shipping dependency on third-party courier partners can cost them their business. One bad review can shatter the company image completely!

    Therefore, they introduced a tech-enabled shipping channel that bridges the gap between online sellers and major courier companies in the country. Today, they are registering 2 Million+ transactions every day and have 10,000+ happy sellers.

    Braving up for the future

    For Yash Jain and Rajeev Pratap, this is just the beginning of their success journey. In their endeavour to support the digital businesses in India, they are constantly innovating and building on their services.

    “We aim to double this number (transactions and sellers) soon by increasing our operation areas. As we are about to launch our fulfilment services, franchise network, and many more in the coming months, we aim to reach a notch higher in terms of operations, quality of services, number of sellers, and business revenue,” they said.

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