Moksa – Expect Miracles: Include these high quality plant-based products in your daily routine and “EXPECT MIRACLES”

Moksa-Expect Miracles

How we treat food is how we treat ourselves. Eating and buying organic means we’re committed to a healthier world overall. It’s good karma” ~ Jason Mark

At a time when there are countless food products vying for your attention at the grocery store, making the right choice can often be a daunting task. Adopting an organic diet is not a matter of luxury. It’s a necessity, one that will help you on your path to becoming healthier and happier. Thankfully, with an increase in focus on health and wellness, people are shifting to organic diets(nutrition).

Launched in April 2020 by Ms.Pooja Goyal, Moksa-Expect Miracles is an emerging brand that offers one stop solution for all things organic and vegan. Its endeavor is to provide products untouched by any human interference along with providing effective results. The product range is sourced and designed so that customers get the best products which help them in getting rid of their regular and non perceptible ,variations in health and find resonance with their body, mind and soul.

And the journey began, organically

Moksa-Expect Miracles

Over the years, Pooja has donned many hats with equal deftness and confidence. As a postgraduate fashion designer from NIFT, she was trained to bring to life the concepts/designs drawn on paper. Even as she got busy raising children and building space and time for her journey ahead, her subconscious mind was brimming with ideas.

Finally after 5 years of drafting the concept note and taking the step to get the chaos in order, Covid struck India. Although it slowed down the process, it never dampened her spirit. Along with raising kids, she kept making requisite plans for building up her vision and finally during lockdown 2020, Moksa-Expect Miracles was launched. It was conceived to help provide visibly effective results which are perceived through the subconscious mind.

Moksa-Expect Miracles: Finding harmony within yourself

Products at Moksa-Expect Miracles metabolise and distil the naturally inherent homeostasis present in the body, which leads to temporary abeyance of dis-Ease. This feeling signifies a state of blissfulness or Moksa, which may be achieved with regular consumption of these pure products. The startup is spread all across major E-commerce platform in India, Amazon US and Canada. Its customer base includes mostly retail and online consumers globally, specifically B2B consumers.

In recent times Moksa – expect miracles has forayed in the Hemp space. Hemp is procured from the Cannabis, Sativa plant. But unlike Marijuana, the psychoactive chemical ‘THC’ is discarded in Hemp. Making it a natural superfood that is high in protein, fiber, and one of the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. They procure their hemp directly from local farmers with a vision to grow their enterprise as Moksha – expect miracles scales up.

The brand offers a range of organic teas, superfoods and hemp products, all of which go through stringent processes of procurement and tasting, by in-house team which is passionate , with a eye on the palette of taste, aroma and intrinsic effectiveness , who are working with the sole aim of getting the most effective plant combinations without any toxic elements. The procurement is done taking utmost care of purity.

The raw materials are procured from hilly regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal and West Bengal where the team has been up close and personal with farmers and facilitators of these regions. (For product specific details, please visit the website )

Striving for a better future

The future belongs to those who dare to dream, to transcend the expectations into reality. Team Moksa-Expect Miracles is determined to work towards that dream. In next five years the brand aims to be globally available on all online platforms and also have its our boutique stores globally in another seven years.

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