Sanan Relief: A potent blend of ancient knowledge and modern medical technology, offering new age alternative medication

    sanan relief

    Cannabis and its healing benefits have been at the center of a long-standing debate. Over the past few years however, these discussions have entered the mainstream of traditional medicine, modern medicine and alternative medicine healing. Informed research plus a host of successful case studies have translated into a growing acceptance of the healing powers of the leaves, of this almost mystical plant.

    Examined in the Indian context, the medical use of cannabis has been propagated in the
    Indian Ayurveda and Atharvaveda system. However, there is still a prevailing taboo associated with cannabis use. At the same time, there is an evolved audience that has been keenly following the evolution of medical cannabis in India. The indications are positive and so are the opportunities.

    Making the most of these emerging opportunities is SANAN RELIEF – a company at the forefront of cannabis induced medication, in this challenging and highly regulated medical business vertical.

    Sanan Relief

    Emerging from the shadows and Transitioning to the mainstream – The healing power of cannabis comes of age

    Sanan Relief is an enterprise, created under the umbrella brand of Hemp Herbals Pvt. Ltd., – a venture incorporated in November 2019 by Mr. Gaurav Mehta and Mr. Gaveesh Jain. Gaurav Mehta an MBA in Foreign Trade, is a 3rd generation medical cannabis manufacturer with over a decade of operational experience of managing 3 factories dedicated to medical cannabis.  His prime motivation being – to bring the potent medical efficacy of Cannabis Sativa within the reach of people who need it the most.

    Gaveesh Jain an MBA from James Cook University, Singapore has had successful multi-sector stints. His motivation to enter the medicine business was his mother’s illness. His extensive research further led him to discover learnings about the healing and restorative powers of medical cannabis. Their coming together created Hemp Herbals.

    Strengths that create solutions through effective formulations

    The strength of Hemp Herbals is derived from the strong fundamentals of its parent company Mehta Ayurvedic Sansthan (MAS). With operational facilities set up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, MAS is a company well entrenched for more than 3 decades in the business of manufacture and distribution of Ayurvedic preparations.

    This relationship gave Hemp Herbals and in turn SANAN RELIEF, the advantages of having access to time-tested processes and resources. More significantly, it opened up access to a valuable knowledge base of a network of Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners, leading to a better understanding of Medical Cannabis. The combined result being the creation of formulations like Churan, Pills, Patches, and Oils that can treat a variety physiological and mental ailments.

    The ambitious mission – Transform perception – Offer legal and effective medication.

    SANAN RELIEF sources Cannabis Sativa leaves directly from the Government of India. It meets every legal parameter and follows strict manufacturing protocols to formulate its range of cannabis induced medications in India. With more than 5000 orders in FY 20-21 and having experienced grown 5 times in 2020 SANAN RELIEF aims to be one of the top cannabis medicine, direct to consumer brand startups in the world.

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