ACH…OO: This brand is on a mission to provide the best quality herbal and ayurvedic remedial products accessible to all at affordable prices


    “Every single one of us deserves access to quality, affordable health care.” ~ Sara Gideon

    Providing quality healthcare at affordable rates for the past 35 years, Brawn Laboratories Ltd is creating immense value for its stakeholders by providing world-class products & services through regulatory compliance & operational excellence. With a robust presence in over 60 countries, the brand manufactures a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, across the spectrum, to include Antibiotics – Antibacterial, Cardiovascular, Antidiabetics, Gastrointestinal, Cough & Cold, Anxiolytics & Antidepressants, Analgesics – Anti Tubercular, Anti-Inflammatories, Antivirals, Antifungals, Anthelmintics, Antiprotozoals, Antimalarials, Corticosteroids, Antihistamines, Nutritional supplements and others.

    Taking The Pain Away


    ACH…OO, established in 2019, is a relatively younger registered brand from Brawn Laboratories Ltd. It is a completely herbal pain reliever range efficient in providing relief in multiple problems like Nasal Congestion & Headache, Chest Congestion, Body Ache, Joint Pain & Muscle Aches, etc.

    As per the group’s founder Brij Raj Gupta, what differentiates Brawn laboratories from the rest is that it has preserved the same things differently.  “Product development to meet highest regulatory standards has been a key focus at Brawn labs to attain W.H.O cGMP and ISO 9001-2008 certification.  Brawn laboratories products are unique; not only unique they are ingenious as well. With 100% natural active ingredients in their products, they give the best results without having any side effects,” he highlights.

    Persistent Innovations

    A firm believer in the concept of “economical medicines & persistence”, Brij Raj Gupta laid the foundation of Brawn Laboratories Ltd. to bring about a change in Indian pharmaceutical market and to contribute towards all round prosperity of the nation. Therefore, the company, since its inception is providing the medical fraternity with new formulations for faster, economical and unique treatment for ailing patients. 

    ACH…OO is a unique range of products, developed with the same thought and motivation that lets nature nurture. The scientific innovations paired with the power of nature makes it a standout brand from the crowd.

    In the future, the brand wants to see itself as the best global health care company, amongst the top 25 and is toiling hard to achieve that. They consider their clients as a part of their family and it is ensured that stringent quality control measures are always in place to serve them the best. Business to B.R. Gupta has always been sacred and operated with highest ethical standards, professionalism and respect directed to have more than 350+ products, also enabled to newly launched herbal division that serves the best Ayurveda products with the quality mark of Brawn.

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