BySmita: This gifting solutions brand ensures that pampering your loved ones does not come at a heavy cost to the environment


    “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.” ~ Jane Goodall

    As humans, we are used to making the special days of our loved ones even more cherishable. Gifting has been a way to make people close to us feel more valued and even to start new stronger relationships. However, gifting has a great negative impact on the overall health of the planet. Non-sustainable gifts eventually end up in landfills, polluting the ocean, and hamper the ecosystem’s overall well-being. To cater to this pertinent problem, Smita Bhatter laid the foundation of her sustainable, eco-friendly gifting solutions brand, BySmita in 2018.

    The Eureka Moment

    Smita was in the business of gifting for quite some time when she realised how she can make it more sustainable and eco-friendly while playing with her young son. To provide a happy and healthy environment to her son, she had started growing her own veggies — an activity that her son too took the liking to. That’s when she got the idea to introduce “Grow It Yourself Kits” for one of her client’s birthday returns. The concept was loved by everyone and it developed into a full-fledged business for her.

    “This concept further branched into stationery products that are upcycled and eventually grows into plants. This concept is an extension of my passion to give back to the earth,” she shares.

    The Unique Gift To Nature

    All of BySmita’s products are planned and executed in such a way that they eventually grow into plants. The biodegradable gifting options, therefore, contribute to the overall well-being of the earth. All the seeds used in the process are non-GMO and even the packaging is curated in a way to generate minimal to no waste.

    The brand also supports underprivileged women and tries to provide regular work to them. Smita notes, “Through our work, we have tried to revive a lot of local craft as well. The products are well priced and easy to ship. Each product is educative and a lot of thinking goes into designing these products.”

    Growing Steadily

    BySmita is currently writing a unique story that has all the power to transform how businesses are seen for their impact on the environment. Having already served 5000+ clients, the brand is now looking for more tie-ups with big corporate houses and hotel chains, motivating more and more people to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle. For Smita, her business is not just about numbers, but an opportunity to do something good for the society, giving back to the earth, and creating a sustainable future for all. 

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