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“Understand that the only way to get happiness is by giving it away to others.” ~ Napoleon Hill Meraki by Madhura

While most of us get occupied in the daily hustle and strive for success, there are a few who look beyond the superficial realms of success and attempt to make a difference in the lives of others. “To leave this world a little better than you found it” is all that they aim for.  

A sneak peek into MerakibyMadhura


Let us introduce you to an exceptionally talented young woman who’s creating incredible pieces of art while ensuring her knowledge and experience reaches out to underprivileged kids at NGOs. Besides teaching NGO kids, she’s also looking forward to helping senior citizens learn the nuances of painting.

Launched in 2019 by self-taught artist Madhura Aphale, MerakibyMadhura is an emerging startup that offers customized, eye-grabbing paintings in both acrylic and oil medium, thus garnering immense love and affection from its customers. The word ‘Meraki’ means to do something with soul, creativity and love, leaving a piece of yourself into what you are doing.

What MerakibyMadhura intends to achieve


Through this brand, Madhura wants to “teach art to those kids who have the ability, but no resources to fulfill their passion and interests.” She has already collaborated with several NGOs and started teaching the kids there. Such acts of kindness and generosity keep the world going. Moreover, the amount of joy and contentment that one receives is truly beyond measure.

Little did Madhura know that the “hobby” she pursued during her leisure time would eventually become the fulcrum of her life. Professionally, a Corporate-lawyer and an Artist at other times explains “Art for me is all about expressing myself with the aid of colors, my thoughts flowing through the brushstrokes on canvas. I still remember the times when my grandmother used to encourage me as a child to pursue my love for art. She has been a constant source of encouragement and a supportive critic who wants to see me grow in this field.” Being a self-taught artist, Madhura was determined to carve out a niche in the field of art.


A timely guidance and support from one of her teachers boosted her confidence and soon, she plunged into marketing her work through Instagram. The lifelong passion for art and paintings culminated into a commercial enterprise in 2019 when orders started pouring in. All that she needed to get started was a box of paints, brushes and a canvas board. Thus, began her journey as an entrepreneur.

Meraki by Madhura: Paintings with a purpose


Meraki offers a wide range of art, its niche being acrylic and oil painting on canvas. The paintings are customized to suit client requirements. So, whether the demand is for oil painting or acrylic, abstract or realism, pop art or futuristic, Madhura never fails to create magic on canvas!  Madhura recollects how for a particular order, she took up the challenge of creating a painting with alcohol ink. Apart from placing orders online, you can visit the Meraki studio launched in Pune on 7th March 2022 and also drop in at the Art Workshops arranged by her

Spreading joy through art


Though brand MerakibyMadhura is all set to achieve greater heights, Madhura’s priority lies in giving back to the society through her art. Besides teaching NGO kids, she has also started to arrange art workshops for senior citizens which will give them a sense of confidence, satisfaction and help them to think, interact and express freely.

Before wrapping up…


Madhura concludes “I believe my artwork should always inspire the viewers and bring a positive outlook towards their life. Discipline and consistency in all aspects have always been the guiding force in my life, be it in the professional fields or the artistic field. And I intend to keep it that way.”

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