Enchanted Intarsia: Here’s how a spirited 18-year-old entrepreneur took the style quotient of crochets several notches higher. women entrepreneurs

Often dismissed as a slow, old-fashioned “granny’s pursuit” that’s too staid, simple and homey to be part of modern outfits, crochets are ruling the roost in today’s fashion world with big-shot designers, celebrities and influencers donning handmade crochet apparels and accessories, thereby lending a unique charm to the overall look.  Be it Instagram, TikTok, online stores, designer boutiques or ramp walks – crochets are making their presence felt everywhere! What makes them so popular are the vibrant thread colors, the fine loop-like patterns, the striking designs, and the heartwarming simplicity that contribute to their unmatched appeal. women entrepreneurs

Here’s introducing an 18-year-old entrepreneur whose love for crochet has not only transformed her life but also emancipated a lot of financially-distressed women around her. Launched on 18th April 2021 by Dehradun-based self-taught crocheter Ananya Malhotra, Enchanted Intarsia is a rising new startup that’s making quite a splash with its eclectic collection of handmade crochet pieces! The brand aims to promote the beauty of crochets while ensuring many lives are changed along the way.

How did crochet come into her life?

Enchanted Intarsia

Ananya was first introduced to the wonders of crochet by her maid who had been a constant companion during those formative years of childhood. It was only when her class 12 exams got postponed thanks to the pandemic, the gutsy girl decided to give wings to her long-cherished dream. Ananya elaborates “I roped in my childhood maid and her three daughters to work on this startup. During winters, we introduced a new winter daisy shrug which turned out to be our best-seller.” Due to a surge in orders, Ananya had to employ more women, all of whom were skilled crocheters facing joblessness due to the pandemic. She felt happy to be able to provide them an extra source of earning.

Call of a creative mind

Enchanted Intarsia

It’s the creative mind that challenges convention by thinking and acting differently than other people. Fueled by intense curiosity and restive spirit, Ananya began exploring the finer nuances of crochet patterns and implemented them on scrunches, sling bags, hair bands, keychains. She was keen to play up her crochet magic on crop tops but was apprehensive to start a clothing line as “you have to be very precise with the sizes.” However, her doubts were laid to rest when an Instagram reel showcasing one of her crop tops garnered an impressive 361k views. This inspired the feisty youngster to start creating apparels with crocheted fabric and there had been no looking back since then.

Crochets are cooler than you think (women entrepreneurs)

Enchanted Intarsia

For those who believe crochet to be an obsolete craft, Enchanted Intarsia is here to bust that myth. The brand combines contemporary designs with traditional crochet motifs to render a timeless appeal. Even high-end labels such as Zara and H&M haven’t come close to emulating the trendy and authentic apparels created by Enchanted Intarsia. The products are customized as per client requirements. With more than 450 orders to date, the startup is making all the right moves. So quickly place your order online and add uniquely designed crochets to your wardrobe!

Collaborations with influencers like Sejal Kumar, Ritvi Shah, Ankita Chawla, Anushka and Aroshi have helped popularize the brand and made it a household name among crochet lovers.

Startup with a cause

When asked about future plans, Ananya says “We are drawing up a plan for brand expansion since it’ll generate more employment and contribute to the safety of animals through donations.”

She organised a drive for Samarth India Foundation, where all the proceeds that she received for a week were donated to them. This foundation supports the safety of animals. From this foundation itself, she adopted a paralyzed dog “Buddy”, taking care of his full expenses without batting an eyelid.

Website link – https://www.enchantedintarsia.com/

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/enchanted.intarsia/

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