Maxa Enterprises- Your Trustworthy Partner For The Finest Art Materials

    “A simple equation for the production of successful artwork is lots of reference material plus lots of art supplies equal lots of painting happiness.”- Robert Genn

    The Growth Of Art Suppliers – Addressing The Artists’ Quest For Creating Excellence!

    There were many top consumer trends in 2020. As more consumers stayed at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was a surge in demand for craft projects for both children and adults. Arts and crafts stores saw sales increase significantly, possibly due to consumers working on DIY home improvement projects and parents looking for non-digital activities to keep their kids busy.

    In today’s world, many factors such as growth in DIY trends, innovation in creativity, and showcasing one’s creativity on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. have driven the growth of this market. The global presence of e-commerce has motivated art supply manufacturers to sell their products online. This is expected to lead to a surge in the online supply of art materials during the forecast years. Social media influencers these days have become a medium to boost sales by recommending various art supplies to their followers, converting them into potential customers.

    As consumers are spending more time at home, the demand for arts and crafts supplies is going to continue to increase well in the years ahead. Overall arts-and-crafts retailers have seen good performance since the development of coronavirus due to many
    people seeking ways to keep occupied and de-stress in uncertain self-isolation.

    Diving Into The Business & Journey Of Maxa Enterprises

    Maxa Enterprises is a prevalent, well-established brand based in Pune city, carrying the most extensive range of fine art and designing products in India and serving the creative community since 1987. Founded by Mahendra Sonya, the brand not only has a brick-and-mortar store in Pune but since 2016 has also been into an online platform, selling products through its website, Instagram & Facebook pages and primarily being managed by Vipul Sonya. The distinctiveness of the brand stands in the enormity of supplies it offers to range from local to imported and customized products. The brand offers a myriad of art supplies from Camel and Pidilite to Cretacolor and Staedtler, and carries paints, paintbrushes, painting knives, canvases, carving & sculpting tools, inks, markers, pencils, easels, palettes, paper rolls, pads, sprays and texturing effect products across every brand required for the A-Z of art & craftwork.

    The inception of the online store in 2016 was a way forward to increase the brand reach, gain goodwill in the portfolio and serve relentlessly to the passionate art community. So far it has catered to 4000 orders and the brand aims to open an art gallery in years ahead and augment its presence in Pan India. Customer centricity is at the core of Maxa Enterprises and it is this belief that has led the business to build long-term relationships. Ensuring a positive customer experience, and making available goods and services that are of top-notch quality are given prime importance at Maxa Enterprises.

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