Mulmul: Showcasing the rich cultural diversity of India, its traditions, design ethos, and aesthetics in sync with contemporary India.

    The world of work can be an important entry point to changing social norms, roles and relations. Ethics, a culture of equality and respect that begins at work has a high potential of expanding to other areas of life. While Mulmul models all such positive attributes in its working environment it does so, revolving around happiness as a central theme taking a head start at breaking workplace norms.


    Happiness has time and again been a convenient idea on paper however the challenges come through in incorporating it in realistic ways that add to a day at work over exercises and activities that feel mundane. Starting every new day and meeting with gratitude shares that have successfully encouraged mutual love and smiles almost leaving the team questioning their team-time if it doesn’t start that way, in little steps the team has created an environment that is hard not to appreciate.

    Also common in this house is an open ear to newer ideas and perspectives from any and all members, this implementation of ideas isn’t only limited to work that translates to the customers but for regular team dinners and get-togethers, it’s a part of the routine here to get together for movies and shorter motivational videos of each person’s interests. From planning elaborate get-togethers and parties be it virtual or real to turning up festivals together, it’s all about attention to detail with fun games, choicely food and comfort that extends beyond work buddies. Kicking off spring, Holi celebrations were in full swing and colours at the fashion house like every other festival. Be it Diwali, Christmas or a small session of secret Santa celebrating together has only brought the team closer easing workplace tensions and building friendships, believes Harsh Modi, CEO


    The Delhi based womenswear label clearly has its ethos of weaving threads of happiness shining through not only to its loyal clientele but also to those involved behind the scenes. From celebrating an audience of 100k to opening 11 stores across the country the label has come a long way with its employees and has managed to keep them energetic, loyal and happy as they hit 250k on Instagram this month!

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