Mama Naturally: India’s first one-stop-shop that provides all things natural for moms and kids

mama naturally

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Nature protects. Nature nourishes. Nature heals. The more wholeheartedly you embrace nature, the more blissful your life shall be. Nothing can substitute for what Mother Earth has to offer. We live such cushioned lives, detached from our natural surrounding that even a stroll in the park seems like a rarity. Unfortunately, kids too are compelled to adjust to this insulated lifestyle though it isn’t healthy for them. There are probably a handful of startups that are concerned about mankind’s association with nature. Launched on 1st November 2020 by Ms. Aarathi Sivadas, Mama Naturally is one such brand that cares about fostering a beautiful bond with this planet. It strives to give mothers a wide choice of natural products that make them affordable “so that in the long run we reduce the use of products that harm our kids and the earth.”

The best way to affect this change was through the mothers as they are the guardians of the next generation.

When motherhood makes you think differently

mama naturally

As a mother to an energetic 2-year-old and 2 rescued dogs, Aarathi realised the importance of organic/sustainable products for kids as well as for the planet. She would often want to buy products that were naturally derived but could not find one place dedicated for this. Thus, she came up with the idea of a brand that would house eco-friendly, sustainable or organic (and definitely child-safe) products for a mother and her baby, human or pet notwithstanding.

She began her entrepreneurial journey armed with blessings from family, support from her husband, and help from mama friends like Meera, without whom she could not have gotten so far.  A Christ College alumni, Aarathi had worked in Google Hyderabad and e-commerce players such as Myntra. She later helmed her father’s logistics business. This mixture of ecommerce, digital nativity and logistics gave her the experience to build on her passion and run Mama Naturally.

Mama Naturally : Because natural is the best way to nurture

Mama, Naturally Gift Box For Mother’s Day

Being a mother herself, Aarathi understands the fears and concerns of every mom, trying to give her child the best of everything. The startup enables moms to nurture themselves and their kids by providing them with a one-stop-shop for all things natural, thus helping them explore the organic world and see the choices they have, all at one place.

Though Bangalore-based, Mama Naturally works with some of India’s best natural and organic brands and ships its products across India. To encourage moms to try out all its products without worrying about additional costs, it is presently offering free shipping to all.

Focused on a better future

As the startup has already established a solid PoC and moved on to establishing a cemented business plan, it is expecting 2x growth trends in another three months.

The brand’s next five-year objective is pretty well chalked out. While the focus is on lowering product cost and retaining value, the startup is determined to elevate its brand affinity and increase LTV of its customers. Mama Naturally is also planning to grow from a pure marketplace to a product+service offering in the near future. It also wants to invest in training, educating and empowering mothers to spread the word. Expanding operations in MENA, SEA, USA and UK markets is definitely on the cards. Being tech savvy herself, Aarathi is aware of the significance of imbibing technologies such as AI and ML to make shopping easier for moms.

As a founder, Aarathi hopes that “by giving mothers an easy way to shop for sustainable products, we can help in the fight to save the planet and have this fight trickle down to the next generation.”

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