Kaizen by Sonali Chitale: Here’s an all-encompassing design studio offering a sweeping range of services to accommodate your design needs from start to finish

Kaizen by Sonali Chitale

Designs have the power to change our perception of the space around us and have a bearing on our temperament, health and productivity. There’s more to interior design than just beautiful aesthetics. It’s about making efficient use of the spaces, thus ensuring a happier, safer and pleasant life. Interestingly, the popularity of several design studios have skyrocketed in the last decade.

Launched on 16th August, 2011 by accomplished interior designer Sonali Chitale, Kaizen is the “360-degree design studio” that works on a wide variety of design projects which includes creating unique products and spaces without compromising on the quality at any cost. The brand is passionate about finding sustainable and eco-friendly options to promote the use of such products for the welfare of the environment. Moreover, the brand collaborates with local artists in an endeavor to induce authenticity in its designs and creations. “To be able to keep growing” in terms of innovation and versatility is what Kaizen strives for.

How the Kaizen tale began

There’s no greater influence than the influence of our parents. That’s the take away from Sonali’s story. Since both her parents hail from an architectural background, young Sonali was exposed to the world of architecture and interior design right from her childhood. She eventually became a landscape designer and polished her skills while working on interior design projects.

Thereafter, Sonali began creating accessories and designing spaces for the hospitality industry. Gradually she realized it was time to open her own store that would cater to all interior and product design projects. Thus, armed with profound experience and unbridled talent, Sonali embarked on an exciting journey to set up Kaizen.

Kaizen: A fresh take on design with an eye on the environment

Kaizen is essentially a design house that employs creativity and innovation to push the boundaries of modern-day designs. As a design studio that is motivated to use sustainable options, Kaizen displays commitment towards environment conservation with the usage of natural, reusable and even recycled materials in its products. In fact, this enterprise proves to the world that it’s possible to combine economic gain and environmental wellbeing without sacrificing one for the other.

Kaizen duly recognises the passion, dedication and hard work that local artisans pour into their creations. It collaborates with them and brings their work into the mainstream market. A wide range of designs, starting from interiors and products to fabric and landscape, are often customized to incorporate client requirements, thus rendering an individualistic feel to the final product. In an attempt to create a personalized experience that caters to cultural diversity, the startup has joined hands with the best creative minds from all over the world. So here at Kaizen, a contemporary design would look as convincing as a traditional Asian-inspired one.

Sonali further adds “What makes Kaizen special is that we make our products, usually customize them in a creative & innovative manner to ensure personal service & satisfaction for our customers.”

And miles to go…

Owing to its inspiring creativity and unorthodox designs, Kaizen has grown by leaps and bounds since the day of its inception. While the current projects are based in India, the brand is gearing up for its foray into the international market.  In the coming years, it aims to actively promote the unparalleled skills of local artisans and establish a global presence for such underrated works of art.

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