The Yellow Brush: Championing the art of upcycling waste with a creative mind and an artistic twist.

The Yellow Brush

Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded. This mother-daughter duo is bringing their creativity to life with ‘The Yellow Brush’.

This Pandemic has given the choice and a chance to a lot of individuals to practice their hobby and turn it into a business. The founder of ‘The Yellow Brush’ Tanvi Dua would like to be included amongst one of those extraordinary minds to have come out of this pandemic with a happy story.

Like what you do, do what you like….

Tanvi had a knack for drawing and painting from the age of 6 and hence she chose to study further in design and art. Like any teenager, Tanvi would casually sit for some drinks with her friends but after the party, wouldn’t want to simply throw away the bottles. She loved painting on the empty liquor bottles and upcycle them into a flower pot, a light lamp or just a catchy showpiece to hang on a wall. Tanvi would then gift these artistic bottles to her friends on birthdays. Encouraged by the appreciation received from her friends, Tanvi went ahead and launched ‘The Yellow Brush’.

With the Pandemic happening and a lot of things changing around us, Tanvi didn’t want to give up on her hobby of painting just because of the growing pressure form her corporate job. With her mother by her side, Tanvi started to do a lot more of what made her happy and that was painting and upcycling.

In 2020, at the age of 28 and with not more than 5 thousand rupees, along with an aim to sensitize people towards upcycling waste, Tanvi and her mom started to paint on everything they found such as bottles, jars, tins – you name it and they have painted it!

A rough start…

With a lot of mass produced, cheaper options available in the market, people weren’t receptive towards giving the monetary value that ‘The Yellow Brush’ products deserved. Although, it took some time and explanations for Tanvi to make her customers understand the efforts and time required to make the beautifully handcrafted art pieces, it turned out to be all worth it today.

The Present progress…

The unique approach of hand-painting items has earned ‘The Yellow Brush’ a loving family of more than 10,000 followers and customers on Instagram. Customers are in love with the Sisterhood theme painted by Tanvi and the intricate paintings of wildlife such flowers and birds by her mother and co-founder. Apart from the usual, Tanvi and her mother are painting adorable coasters, tea cups, tea glasses, kettles, planters etc for their home-décor collection.

Long road ahead…

In the future, Tanvi wants to set up a platform where she can encourage people to learn, paint or purchase and upcycle waste items. Tanvi aims to expand and have a team of artists working under her brand. Having already impressed Unacademy, a leading Indian educational technology company with bulk Diwali orders, now Tanvi concentrates on international export of her products.

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