JUST HAND CRAFTED THINGS – This brand’s thoughtful and customized handcrafted gifts are creating ripples of happiness.

The human imagination is a vast reservoir of creative ideas, and all it takes is an artistic bent of mind to tap into it and create amazing things. Oindrila Sarkar the founder of JUST HAND CRAFTED THINGS did exactly that and today her eclectic creations have found hundreds of admirers and the numbers are growing day by day! 


Starting with a mere Rs.500 in 2018, when she was in studying in college for her Degree in BSC Geography Honours and vocational training in fine arts, Oindrila kept reinvesting all her profits and grew her business by showcasing her creations on her Instagram page. She got orders, picked up commissions, but it was the lockdown that saw her business really pick up. Soon, she focused full time on JUST HAND CRAFTED THINGS. 

“Crafting for me is like a beautiful escape from the real world, I started my enterprise as a hobby but now I see it as journey to spread ripples of smile,” says Oindrila.

Every gift has that personal touch, to make both the giver and the receiver feel special about it!


JUST HAND CRAFTED THINGS is all about letting imagination, creativity and ideas of the artist take the front row and come up with gifts and stuff that are unique and fun.

The emphasis here is to always create hand crafted things that carry a personal touch, a personal message, a personal photograph, a personal note all collated and presented in superbly imaginative material, shapes and colors.

Today JUST HAND CRAFTED THINGS is a highly popular online gift sourcing destination, recognized as an innovative gift maker specializing in gift albums, gift hampers, corporate hampers, invitation cards, wedding cards and more. The near future will also see a whole range of beautiful handmade home decor products also being made available. 


Each and every product is unique and customized according to the customers need and the occasion. The online portal offers buyers a choice from the Best Selling Surprise Explosion Box, Hoola Hoop Wall Hanging, Vintage Memory Album, Personalized Desktop New Year Calendars, Gem Heart Box a cute Photo Album, Themed Flag Card, Themed Invite Cards and Decor Props, Wish Hamper Box, Key Holder, Themed Birthday Cards, Zig Zag Card and a whole lot more of handcrafted goodness! 

Growth is a learning process… earning the trust of customers is the reward…


Growth for a handcrafted business is competitive as there are a whole lot of options available on social media. However to quote Oindrila, “Growth has been a lesson, an evolving process, and the rewards of patience have been the trust and the glowing feedback received from more than 400 clients all over the country.”

The future is definitely about creating and implementing ideas that will serve to empower women to take up business opportunities that will make them self-reliant financially independent. Plans are being made to set up a self-owned office space for training a team also open up employment opportunities for more and more talented people to create and market hand crafted gifts.

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