Logicloop- How this digital agency is pushing the envelope and helping global brands unleash digital growth through ROI-driven strategies.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is; it is what consumers tell each other it is.”- Scott Cook 

A business owner or executive has multiple responsibilities on a daily basis, and their focus needs to be on the core business. If a business owner gets involved in the nittygritties of the business, they may not be able to allocate enough bandwidth to the functioning of the core business. Businesses may also end up spending a ton on trial and error as they don’t have the correct acumen and tools to navigate their digital growth. 

More often than not, businesses tend to waste enormous money on trial and error allocating large-scale resources to ad campaigns and strategies that cannot be scaled and fail to retrieve fruitful results. While some brands face issues with conversions and lead generation, others struggle to convert those leads into high-paying customers. Some also struggle to create a brand identity in the digital sphere.

So here ushers the role of a digital marketing agency that can help a business to market its presence online to attract new customers, increase sales and boost its brand’s reputation. They have specialist knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), competitor intelligence trackers, website design, and other digital marketing techniques. They help to build social media following, mastermind a content strategy that drives traffic to the company’s website and get more out of a brand’s online presence.

To address these growing business needs, a leading digital marketing firm based in Mumbai called Logicloop is the most ideal partner for all the tech & digital marketing requirements of a company.

Their digital marketing services are tailor-made to resolve the problem statement of the client with effective digital marketing strategies that transform into self-liquidating profits.

They have spent over 150 crores in ads spent and are well-versed with the marketing ecosystem, they know the drill and have cracked the code to leverage performance marketing strategies for higher ROI and overall business growth.

Looping In Business Growth With Strategic Thinking And Calculative Decisions

Logic loop

Be it any business process, massive or small-scale, they all require a looping logic in which the activities enclosed in a loop are performance & result driven with a focus on ROI optimization. From website building, graphic designing, content management, and social media marketing, any business has a plethora of activities that imperatively require attention; however, with a lack of time & expertise, the processes do not derive the desired output.

Its technology division called Logicloop Tech specializes in IT Services, app development, Staff Augmentation, and Product Development from visualization to delivery using CTO services. Its digital division called Logicloop Digital provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions – SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Media Management, Affiliate Marketing, website designing, lead management system, Conversion Rate Optimization and Digital Branding. 

Logicloop has helped 500+ Global Brands Increase Visibility Through Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies. They have spent over 150 crores on ads spend to render exceptional ROI for their clients in the form of conversions, leads, engagement, and profits. 

The Creative Masterminds Behind Logicloop & The Roadmap Ahead 

Logic loop

Nirav Gosalia, Mayank Vora & Harish Patel, the three co-founders of Logicloop initially started with realtyredefined.com in 2008. After scaling operations to 8 cities in India and having built a team of 250 employees they sold the company to the Indian online classifieds major Quikr.com. During the dawn of digitalization, all offline markets were transcending into the digital world. That’s when they identified the urgent need for effective digital marketing. They realized that online marketing is drastically more tangible and quantifiable, and thus, decided to leverage their skills to enable clients with the best & most effective digital marketing strategies. 

A bootstrapped business that started in 2017 with Logicloop has now garnered $3.5 million in revenue from all their business units in FY 2020-2021. Over the years, they’ve expanded their digital marketing services across Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Dubai, and London, rendering high-performing, ROI-centric strategies for some of the most prominent brands like  Saregama, Cipla, Aditya Birla, AutoHangar, RadioCity, HDFC Life, and more. Their quarterly growth rate consistently goes by 15-20% and aims to double in a year. Annually they are keeping on track with a 30% growth rate and look forward to serving a larger panel of clients globally in the next five years. 

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