It’s Mumkin: A thoughtfully curated box full of love and pampering for soon-to-be moms, new moms and their babies!

It's Mumkin

“Still the most magical day of my life was the day I became a mom!” – Linda Becker.

Reproduction is one of nature’s most beautiful realities. Women are blessed with the ability of creating and developing life within their body. Pregnancy generates a plethora of emotions for the mom-to-be. These emotions need to be taken care of with love, patience, and a whole lot of pampering.

Mumkin is here to make sure pregnancy and motherhood become a better, happier experience for every woman out there! Mumkin – stands to mean mums and munchkins, kins of moms (her near and dear ones). As the word suggests, Mumkin also signifies the many possibilities, potential and promises one could explore. This platform also propels their core philosophy – ‘Everything is possible with good intentions, hard work and commitment.’ Mumkin is a team of women experts who specialise in elevating the experience of motherhood. Right from the dreamy mom-to-be phase to oops my kid is 1 and a menace phase, they carefully curate care packages for the mother, child, and her near and dear ones. This unique platform is of the women, by the women, for the women, hence it is no coincidence that their esteemed team is full of women achievers.

Their team of experts have come together with a belief that empowered women empower women in every which way. They believe there is strength in sisterhood and that women should work to raise each other up.


Mumkin curates kits for pregnant women, new mothers, and infants that include a mix of products that cater to their nutrition, utility items, personal care, and there’s also a generous hint of pampering for these stellar women. There’s a range of expert-backed, carefully packaged and mostly handcrafted products designed to make pregnancy a happy experience for every woman. Mumkin products are high on Happiness Quotient – Products that would surely make you smile! Mumkin has worked hard and thoughtfully curated a range of handpicked, healthy and mindful products that are nourishing, artisan and holistic specifically targeting the needs of every trimester.

Women go through a lot of crucial things that are usually overlooked. We rarely talk about postpartum blues or depression. This thought led towards Mumkin having a healer on board. They also provide amazing meditations and affirmations as per the trimester. All Mumkin products are mindfully curated, so there’s a great range of holistic products as well. So, it’s not just tangible products or utility items like maternity belts, pillows, books and bottles for moms or toys, swaddles and napkins for babies; but way more than that. It is all kinds of support and services a woman would need during these precious months and beyond.

Whose brainchild is this?

Shubhra Ruparel founded Mumkin in December 2019 at the age of 27. She’s a Computer Engineer and an MBA. She has worked with IBM India as well. She won a gold medal during her undergraduate degree, felicitated and awarded merit/excellence certificates by various institutions including Institute of Engineers, India for my performance as well as recognition by the Alpha Beta Gamma Society.

After interviewing women across the country, she discovered that it’s the same process for women across all religions. Their experiences, foods that they should have and various beliefs were all very similar. She even enrolled in Pregnancy Classes to put herself in their shoes before coming up with products for them. She teamed up with a panel of women experts – gynaecologists, pregnancy experts, nutritionists, a mental wellness counsellor and a child development expert – to get the best guidance to curate these boxes.

By women, for women!

When you buy from Mumkin, you are supporting small, women-owned businesses. Mumkin identifies, encourages and enables young brands and home businesses to reach a wider audience. All the products are lovingly handcrafted by a spectacular network of women entrepreneurs and experts from all over the country. Mumkin is a beautiful platform for women professionals and mompreneurs to come together and create a reliable network of sisterhood for other pregnant women.

Mumkin has served more than 500 happy customers, and they deliver their boxes all over India, and also abroad. In the next five years, Mumkin wants to burgeon a dynamic force of women entrepreneurs and collaborate with small businesses across the country to form a strong army of “Mumkin Minions”. Mumkin aims to make sure every mom in the world is pampered in the greatest way imaginable!

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