Guddee: A revolutionary social enterprise that vows to ameliorate the livelihoods of Indian artisans that create mesmerizing handcrafted products!


“That’s the thing with handmade items. They still have the person’s mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.” – Aimee Bender.

The essence of the human touch is pure. Absolutely pure. In today’s age, we are heavily dependent on machines. Almost everything around us is automated or created using technological excellence. There are still so many skilled craftsmen out there that create beautiful handmade products that we can use in our day-to-day lives. Guddee is here to bring that pureness to us!

Spreading the ‘Guddee’ness of Handicrafts…

Guddee is a for-profit social enterprise that has an array of magnificent handcrafted products created by highly skilled Indian artisans. They personally design multifunctional handcrafted products that are very unique even before selling them on their e-commerce platform –, which helps online buyers customize them or directly buy what’s available. More than 45 artisan families are currently associated with Guddee. There’s a plethora of spellbinding handicrafts contrived out of wood, clay, marble, threads and fabrics, invigorated exclusively for you – after understanding your preferences, stories, and experiences.

Guddee collaborates with brilliant, environmentally-conscious Indian artisans to source and curates the best multi-functional handicrafts. Artisans that excel in woodblock carving, wood lacquering, Lambani embroidery, blue pottery, leather / faux leather, traditional paintings like Madhubani, Patachitra, Cheiryal, etc. Gudde’s products range from home decor, occasion-based products like Rakhi, Ganesh idols, etc. to kitchen essentials, lifestyle products, and even toys!

Insurrection. Collaboration. Innovation. Satisfaction.

Over the last 30 years, there has been a 30% decline in the number of Indian artisans. Many organizations, top brands fail to provide them with the right pay and dignity for their work. Artisans are often exploited in a repugnant manner. Guddee ropes in artisans, art hobbyists, designers, creative warriors, and handicraft lovers to collaborate and build an urge in heart of  India to invest in handicraft wholeheartedly.

The locus of Guddee’s intervention is the rich and varied Indian handicraft folklore, practiced by skilled rural artisans, who create objects of tremendous beauty with strong market potential. Guddee wants to provide exclusivity, personalization, and customization in every product, therefore creating a mark in every customer’s heart. Guddee wants everyone to have a home that’s reflective of their persona, and not just of what’s on-trend.

Who handcrafted Guddee?

The Business Press had the honour of speaking to Haritha P. Singh – the founder – and she said: “I founded Guddee in June, 2021. I always had an eye for creativity. Traditional handicrafts always left me enchanted, and my connections with artisans Pan-India made me focus on conserving both traditional art and the livelihood of the artisans. I worked for a good 4 years with different artisans based in urban, semi-urban, and rural districts. During the initial days of the pandemic, many artisans contacted me for help. That’s how the seed of Guddee germinated.”

A future handcrafted to perfection…

Haritha further enlightened us: “I want every Indian to own handicrafts that talk to them, and that fit the key matrix of quality, functionality, and affordability. My aim is to reach at least 5 artisan families in each traditional art form and make them part of Guddee’s ever-growing family, thereby building sustainable livelihoods for them.”

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