Saahigir: Search for the best-quality bilona ghee stops here, doubly nutritious than regular ghee.


    A spoonful of ghee is all that it takes to transform a bland dish into a delicious one. In fact, the magical desi ghee ka tadka makes every Indian dish taste some ten folds better. Bilona ghee is considered the purest and most authentic way of rendering ghee which is made from curd, not malai. Only milk from desi cows is used for this process. However, while purchasing ghee, one needs to ensure that it comes from the right source. Nothing can beat the quality of ghee procured from a trusted, indigenous cow farm.

    Located in Shri Ganganagar city of Rajasthan bordering Pakistan, Shree Saahi Gir Gaudham, in short Saahigir, is a Certified Family Managed Indigenous Cow Farm that is presently being run by the father-in-law and daughter-in-law duo Raj Setia and Pooja Setia. It is dedicated to producing nutritious milk and milk products relying on the strongest and healthiest indigenous herd of cows.

    An incredible journey spanning decades of hard work and persistence

    The journey of this desi, cow-breeding, family-owned farm is an interesting one. The family settled in a place named Ganganagar in Rajasthan post migrating at the time of India’s partition in 1947.

    With nothing in hand except clothes and eatables, the family started its new journey in Sri Ganganagar, situated in North-Western Rajasthan, close to Punjab. The first asset Late Smt. Bishan Devi bought was a cow to give her children a nutritious diet in their new home.

    The farm is actively run and managed by Raj Setia son of Late Smt. Bishan Devi and Pooja Setia, former’s daughter in law. Raj Setia, born in 1956 had seen Sri Ganganagar grow as an agricultural belt as he himself grew up.

    He got his education from DAV School and MD College, Rajasthan University. Pooja Setia grew up in Sirsa, another agricultural town of Haryana state and completed her M.Com and M.Phil from Kurukshetra University. Her love for cows grew stronger as she saw her own mother and grandmother at home since childhood. Post-marriage, she felt a tremendous pull towards her in-laws’ ancestral farm and got actively involved with her father-in-law in the management of the farm.

    Saahigir ~ Search for best-quality bilona ghee stops here

    Saahigir churns out pure, superior quality A2 desi cow ghee using the traditional method of converting milk into whole curd, churning it for deriving butter which is further heated and melted traditionally to produce the finest Desi Cow A2 Ghee.

    Saahigir has become a name to reckon with and is now a brand trusted by many. This ancestral farm has been carefully preserved by the family members, all of whom have taken countless efforts into making the best ghee available to the world.

    With the help of best farming and agricultural practices, the brand produces and sells A2 milk, curd (dahi), chaach (buttermilk), cheese (paneer) in the local market and ships A2 Desi Cow Ghee and A2 Cow Dung Manure Vermicompost  across India. Here, products are different from store bought packaged food as all products are made from milk of humped desi cows. The services are spread across India with its website offering a wide array of milk products and bio-organic fertilizers for plants.

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