Here’s an Indian entrepreneur bringing to you the essence of Italian art through her ambitious venture, Italian Indo Art.

Italian Indo Art

Italy has been at the forefront of profound artistic, cultural and intellectual evolution since the turbulent times of European Renaissance. Here, scholars and artists are regarded with deep reverence and their creations are cherished for centuries. What makes Italian art (called Sospeso Transperente) so special is that it’s deeply intertwined with the regular life of regular people to such an extent that art becomes a mere extension of life and not something out of the ordinary. It’s this beauty and craftsmanship that continues to cast its spell on people from across the world.

No wonder, entrepreneurs in India are eyeing the Italian art market and making efforts to bring it closer home. Founded in September 2018 by software developer cum art connoisseur Krina, Italian Indo Art is one such venture that’s spreading happiness and motivating budding artists through the power of Italian artistry. Krina aims to “launch her own studio” and take her dream project to greater heights.

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

What began as an adventure ended up being a lifelong passion for art. A 2-day workshop on Italian art was all that was needed to inspire Krina to take up this art form. Moreover, while working in Pune, she had attended a month-long workshop on entrepreneurship. That propelled her mind in the right direction and she began toying with the idea of “starting something which isn’t yet popular in India but has the potential to become big”. Combining her love for Italian art and her strong desire for entrepreneurship, Krina decided to launch her own brand with a modest sum of 10000 bucks. The materials were sourced from Italy and other places in Europe. When the first 10 products sold real quick and customers reacted positively to the brand, she knew she was on the right path. There was no looking back from then on.

Time to own some of Italy’s most delightful artworks

Italian Indo Art promotes the beauty and elegance of Italian art through a wide variety of products including home decor, wall frames, wall clocks and photo frames. Created by Italy-based artist Monica Allegro, these exquisite pieces of art are now available in India, thanks to the vision of a creative and zealous entrepreneur. Among others, the artificial flowers created with 3D effects are immensely popular owing to their uncanny resemblance to the real ones. What’s remarkable is that they’re completely dust-free and are designed in a fashion that would “mold them with the flame tool to render the desired shape.”  The designs are undoubtedly unique and alluring and have caught the attention of people from all over the country. Due to Covid restrictions, a bulk of the orders are coming in through Instagram and other online platforms.

What’s next on the radar?

While Krina is happy with the way things are shaping up for Italian Indo Art, the fiery founder is determined to achieve more. Her vision for the next 5 years is to have her own studio, have a team of artists working along and together deliver artifacts globally. If the startup’s popularity is anything to go by, this certainly doesn’t look like a distant dream anymore.

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