8am Naturals: A promising brand offering chemical-free, quirky-shaped soaps that fascinate kids and help them enjoy their time in the shower

8am Naturals

So what’s the first line of defense that we learn to use in order to fight against dirt and harmful bacteria? It’s the good ol’ soap. Soap is an indispensable part of our daily lives, used mainly to keep us fresh and clean by removing dirt and stopping the spread of nefarious bacteria that would otherwise stick to our skin and cause havoc. Despite their utility one needs to realise that soaps are made up of strong chemical components, most of which are harsh on our skin. The soap components need to be tweaked to make them suitable for a child’s tender skin.

Launched on 7th October 2020 by a gutsy 38-year-old first-time entrepreneur named Bianca Pitroda, 8am Naturals is a brand that aims to bring natural, eco-friendly soaps for kids in the market that are fun to use. As Bianca says “My aim is to become a completely sustainable brand and do everything the eco-friendly way”.

Beating the lockdown blues by creating a startup

They say the human spirit becomes stronger when confronted with fear and uncertainty. It certainly holds true for all those startups set up in the Covid19 era. The story of 8am Naturals began during the exceptionally hard days of lockdown when people were just cooped up inside their homes. The idea first crossed her mind during a random conversation with her mother-in-law about the scarcity of kid-specific soaps. Bianca adds “So while she was making adult bars, I used a mold for chocolate to make a quirky-shaped soap. That’s how I made my first puzzle soap for kids”

Soon, she started sending these fun soaps to her friends and was greatly thrilled by the positive response from all quarters. She decided to take a step further and establish a brand that would introduce to the world these uniquely designed, chemical-free soaps. That’s how 8am Naturals came into being. And how did she decide upon this innovative name for the brand?

Bianca explains “We wanted a very soapy kind of a name. We considered that most people shower before going to work or school. It occurred to us that usually people shower approximately around 7:30 and 8:30 so my husband said 8am and I added naturals to it because the products are genuinely natural so that’s how the 8am Naturals name came up.”

What 8am Naturals is all about

8am Naturals is an eco-friendly and fun soap brand that uses natural products that are devoid of SLS, paraben and other harmful chemicals. Besides being gentle on the skin, the eye-catching designs appeal to children. What is lacking in other kid-specific soap brands is the “fun” factor. That way, 8am Naturals is definitely a game-changer especially since kids now enjoy being in the shower for a longer period, toying with colorful soaps of different shapes often infused with irresistible fragrance such as aqua, vanilla and orange. The fun soap range includes lego, unicorn, donut, ice-cream and macaron soaps.

Though the brand doesn’t boast of any major client right now, it has partnered with Ship Rocket to facilitate its services across India.

What lies ahead

Ever since its inception, the brand has grown really fast thanks to positive word-of-mouth publicity. When asked about possible future plans, Bianca says “I see it going global, expanding it, recruiting more people. I want to make it more of a business model as we go forward.”

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Website – https://www.8am.today/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/8amnaturals/

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