Dream Traders Consultancy: How a stock trading institute is transforming competent traders out of ordinary dreamers


The world of stocks and shares is as turbulent as its tantalizing. In India almost 95% new traders jump into trading without prior knowledge or experience, thinking that Stock Market is a quick rich scheme and lose all their hard-earned money in a couple of days.

Launched on 28th Feb 2020 by Akash Kashyap along with Mr. Wasiuz Zaman and Mr. Bibhash Sarma , Dream Traders Consultancy is an enterprise that trains individuals in stock-market trading thus helping them become independent, full-time traders with a lucrative career. It has given ample guidance to young, ambitious minds who’re choosing stock market trading as a full-time career.

Dream Traders Consultancy: Road traversed so far

Dream Traders Consultancy

Akash first discovered the stock market in 2014 through the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. That piqued his interest and led to more research and information gathering. However, lack of proper guidance deterred him from pursuing this any further.

In April 2016, a chance of meeting with an actual trader led to hours of discussion and days of research. Finally, with a go-getter attitude, he opened a DEMAT account and slowly started learning the skills of trading. The burning desire to become a professional trader saw him through a loss of Rs. 25000. He became more determined to make an impact.

Since in India the courses were either too expensive or were conducted by inexperienced trainers, self-education/training was the only reliable option. Books, online videos, workshops – he learnt whatever he could lay his hands on.

Few months later, trading began and owing to a unique strategy named as CP-20 (Consistent Profits for 20 days, as there are 20 trading days in a month), he started making enough profits to switch towards a full-time trading career, thus taking a giant leap towards fulfilling his dream.

An institute that transforms dreams to reality

Along with his cousin brother Mr. Bibhash Sarma and his childhood friend Mr. Wasiuz Zaman, both Stock Market Traders, Akash founded Dream Traders Consultancy hoping to reach out to new, inexperienced traders who would be able to easily access online classrooms from their cellphones at an affordable cost. Courses were priced at almost twice the value for the fee charged.

The only way to succeed in stock market is through adequate knowledge and proper training for an extensive period of time. DTC offers courses of 3 types: Master, Zero-to-Hero and Basic Course. Master course is in high demand and loved by the Stock Market Trading Community. It starts from Basic Grassroot level to Professional level comprising of 10 Intraday Strategies including the Famous CP-20 Strategy, Risk Management, Controlling Emotions, Trading Psychology, Portfolio Management and Life-time support to every student.

It comprises of 80 Live Sessions. After-class study materials are provided in the form of PDF files & videos along with periodic assignments. Each student is minutely assessed and trained accordingly. In terms of fees, it charges the lowest in India for the value, knowledge and time provided along with instalment fee payment.

Dream Traders Consultancy: Journey into the future


The journey so far has been an extremely rewarding one. While presently the institute is spread across 22 States of India from Jammu to Kerala and from Gujrat to Assam and also in 3 Countries: UAE, Kuwait and Oman, the future holds immense possibilities with the DTC team all set to create superior facilities and better courses for a wider appeal and higher success rate.

To know more visit – https://www.dreamtradersconsultancy.com/

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