Tango : A hyperlocal food delivery app that’s cooking up a storm with its unique features and immaculate services

tango food delivery app

“People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness. Even if one is not a foodie, it’s hard to resist the temptation of gorging on mouthwatering dishes.

In today’s digital age, experimentation with a wide assortment of cuisines has almost become a norm. The emergence of online food delivery platforms has been a blessing in disguise for food lovers who love to eat to their heart’s content. Launched on 19th September 2020 by the talented duo Deblina Datta & Debargha Sengupta, Tango is an online food delivery platform that has stepped into this competitive market with a customer-friendly attitude. The new kid in the block has already made a confident debut by successfully starting operations in three major cities of West Bengal.

Charting out a new course

tango food delivery app

Every successful start-up enterprise begins, not with funds or finances, but with ground-breaking ideas.

Reminiscing about the journey so far, co-founder Debargha says “Initially Tango was supported by partner Deblina Datta when no one believed in me! She was the one who supported me in the initial days of the startup. And yes my mother also supported me all the time! She taught me the virtue of patience and reiterated her belief that good things take time”.

Tale of Tango

tango food delivery app

Tango is a hyperlocal food delivery app based out of Kolkata. The reason behind creating this app was to make hyperlocal delivery available & affordable not only in metro cities but also in two & three tier cities. Although many food delivery apps have cropped up in recent times, what makes Tango stand apart is its impeccable customer service and efficient use of technology.

Tango’s area of operation includes Kolkata, Asansol & Kharagpur in West Bengal. It has plans to expand to other cities after the festive season and to major states around January-February 2021.

Though launched only a month ago, it has already completed orders more than expected calculations.

What makes Tango a current favorite

tango food delivery app

Here, the consumer gets search options based on three segments that is, 4 km, 7km & 9km and above which is unlike other competitors and this particular feature not only makes the user see the nearby restaurants & merchants but also the ones far away around the city. Tango has its own fleet of delivery persons who are equipped with smart phones and the TANGO Online Application. Unlike other apps, it does not have a minimum order policy.

Another feature which is unique is that they not only provide customers an application for placing orders but also there is another offline way of ordering by dialing their Toll Free Number. Tango provides many lucrative offers for the first timers thereby adding to its popularity quotient.

Let’s peep into the revenue model

Tango charges commissions from restaurants & merchants on every order they receive through the Tango Online App. This commission is generally a percentage which is inclusive of all taxes.

There is a delivery fee (plus other taxes) for each order that a customer places on the app. But there is no surge pricing for the customer during night hours or festive seasons.

To know more visit – http://www.tangoeateries.com/

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