UpcycleLuxe: A Promising Platform That Is Transforming The Face Of Sustainable Fashion In India

upcycle luxe

Sustainable fashion in India is in its nascent stage and vastly comprises of unorganized sector. Consumers here have a high purchasing affinity (87%)* but lack of awareness of sustainable brands (83%)*. The sustainable products don’t mention the impact contribution. Also, the products are not truly what the brands claim to be. Considering the bleak scenario of sustainable fashion in India, many start-ups are wary of taking a plunge into this sector. However, a few daring ventures have embraced the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainable fashion.

Soon to be launched, UpcycleLuxe is an emerging player that is all set to redefine luxury fashion by creating an ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient textile & apparel industry. The company believes that eco-friendly products should reflect sustainability in their value. The main vision is to build a huge sustainable fashion & lifestyle community, by offering disruptive technologies, enabling innovative and transformative ways of sustainable fashion through the process of change by adding value at each step of our product development.

UpcycleLuxe: Changing the face of sustainable fashion


For the founder Harshita Chandra, the journey started while working for huge labels in the fashion industry when she realized that a huge amount of industry-waste was being dumped into the landfills annually. Other problems in the supply chain became all-too evident. A lot of finger-pointing happens with consumers blaming brands for paying low wages to outsource workers and activist organizations urging brands to follow a business model that prioritizes low-cost profits. In fact, the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, though 82% of the people don’t consider fashion a contributor.

Harshita further added “That’s when I found an upcycle homegrown fashion label where we used factory waste to manufacture bags and accessories. Since the concept of sustainability was new, we manufactured a capsule collection for a few designers back then. I soon figured out that the industry is unorganized and the chapter of sustainability can’t be heard alone. So I came up with the idea of bringing together all sustainable brands on a single platform which believes sustainability is just not a trend but a lifestyle where indulgence in intricacies brings in each product a luxury makeover. “

Thus, along with the co-founder Shubham Jain, she started the journey of creating a sustainable fashion platform UpcycleLuxe, that integrated science-based sustainable target solutions into it.

UpcycleLuxe: Where Green is the new Luxury

Upcycle Luxe Sustainable Fashion

UpcycleLuxe is redefining the views on luxury fashion by calling ‘Green is the new Luxury’. It is a one-stop fashion-tech sustainable platform for clothing and accessories that pushes to live a low-impact lifestyle. It will connect consumers with home- grown brands that create innovative products using organic fabrics & industry waste. On-board brands are certified organic and practice transparent supply chain. They will ensure science-based sustainability target solutions on the platform making the platform the only one of its kind.

A Go-Green Future

Upcycle Luxe Sustainable Fashion

By 2025, UpcycleLuxe would cater to 1 billion consumers to convert their buying decision to sustainable. Though based primarily in India, the company will consider reaching out to foreign markets depending on revenue and customer response.

To know more visit – https://www.upcycleluxe.com/

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