Discover HIKIKOMORI KNITS: Reviving Handcrafted Knitwear in the Age of Fast Fashion

Knitwear in this era of fast fashion is something that is not on everyone’s to-wear or must-have list.

One brand HIKIKOMORI KNITS founded by a knitting artist Kavya Tiwari, is spinning quite a fabulous and tempting yarn with its dazzlingly colorful, knitted fashion wear. Hailing from a family that was very much into the business of textiles, Kavya herself since childhood, was very much attracted to yarn fibres and knitting.

“The age-old craft of knitting connected with me deeply and its possibilities truly excited me. The body inclusivity plus how easily knitting adapted to the dynamics of various human forms was another plus point that inspired me to take up fashion knitting as a profession.” Shared Kavya.

HIKIKOMORIKNITS today boasts of customized fashion and comfort wear that truly reflects the fusion of practicality with artistry.

Knitting colors together to create a vibrant fashion statement

“I’ve always personally loved solid colors or monochromes at most but working with multiple colors is becoming so much fun!” Says Kavya.

One look at the HIKIKOMORIKNITS online shop and you just cannot stop drooling at the splashes of colors that are knitted so well together. Every single product bears the mark of handmade craftsmanship, beginning its journey from inception to completion with an artisan’s touch. Even the yarn itself is at times meticulously handcrafted. Often, plus-size individuals encounter challenges in locating their sizes within showrooms or on websites dominated by mainstream brands. At HIKIKOMORIKNITS all it takes is a size specification at the point of order placement, and Kavya is there to ensure that every tiny detail is taken care of. Sizes are customizable up to size 6XL.

As for being sustainable Kavya shares,” The one more thing that makes knitwear a lot more sustainable is that in the future, let’s say you no longer want to wear what you have in hand, you can always unravel it and make something new out of it. It never goes to waste.”

The Cool Bobble Sleeved Chunky Sweater. Trendy Handknitted Chunky Hooded Bobble Pullover with an Attached Hoodie and Adjustable Cord. Stylish Chunky Knit Open Front Jacket with an Attached Tie Cord. Funky Leg Warmers. Cute Crochet Bucket Hat. Ombre Dyed Bobble Knit Pullover. Fabulous Co-ord handmade using a combination of Knit and Crochet styles. Exquisite Silk and Merino Handknitted Top.

Just check out all this and of course, place your order too quickly! It’s time you made knitwear a part of your hi-fashion wardrobe.

Creating a space to take the passion for fashion further

Kavya works from the comfort of her home and it is here that all the action takes place. From taking an order to knitting the garment and then also ensuring the packing and shipping, she handles everything single-handedly. Orders can be fulfilled to pin codes across India and also to any destination across the globe.

In the early days, the responses received from customers were positive, albeit modest. But over time, the business has steadily gained momentum. Each month, Kavya handles only five to six orders since knitting is a meticulous process that demands substantial time investment.

Says Kavya, “Currently, my focus is on indulging in and savoring every moment of this slow pace of creating. To me, it is a process that brings me profound joy. I find immense satisfaction in the simple act of sitting down and creating. While this might not align with the typical grand ambitions of a business owner, I firmly believe in preserving the initial spark that ignited my journey.”

Over the next five years, Kavya has ambitions to establish a studio that will be a hub for local artists, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration. She intends to carry her art forward and create innovative fashion statements with yarn.

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