Crafting Success: Barkha Raghav’s KALAGYA – Where Artistic Passion Becomes a Flourishing Enterprise

The act of creating art is, in itself, a challenging endeavor. However, embracing it as a profession and molding it into one’s defining identity elevates the challenge to a whole new level.

Here is an inspiring success story of an artistic venture named KALAGYA, a term derived from Sanskrit, meaning “artist”. This tale revolves around Barkha Raghav, a skilled self-taught artist who founded this enterprise due to her passion and dedication for art. Over the span of seven years, KALAGYA has blossomed into a distinguished platform where eager students embark on their artistic journeys and clients discover captivating pieces to purchase.

Sadhguru’s sketch is one of the best work done by Barkha till now. She has drawn this using only one pencil.
Barkha at Epicentre Exhibition where she was awarded for her art

Barkha’s journey into entrepreneurship commenced when her kids were very young. Since she was looking after her kids at home, she was unable to pursue work outside of her home. Having worked in the field of mechanical drawing for 5 years and having loved it, she was inclined towards art. Having always loved art, she made art into her passion. This ignited a spark within her and she started sketching. Soon enough, this creative pursuit became an integral part of her daily routine and she started something of her own.

From black and white portraits to colored sketches the repertoire is professional and extensive

Barkha’s Colorful Artwork For Her Niece

“Initially, my heart resonated with pencil sketches and drawings, these black and white sketches focused on intricacies like eyes and facial expressions to bring portraits to life.” Says Barkha.

Having a conscious leaning towards creating portraits with charcoal and black pen Barkha has created unique portraits of a host of celebrities. Her favorite ones are what she created for the Mega Film Stars Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Business Man – Anand Mahindra and many more. A memory that Barkha treasures is when she had the privilege of meeting Amitabh Bachchan with the portrait, she created for him. Another super memory created for Barkha was when she got wishes and an autograph from Gulzar Sahaab on his sketch drawn by her.

KALAGYA is also a trusted source for family or individual portraits created on different mediums.

Portraits apart Couple Caricature handmade portrait Nameplate, Black and White Mountain Shades Acrylic painting on Canvas Acrylic. Handmade Acrylic Dot Mandala Wall Décor. Mixed Media Buddha on Canvas, Krishna on Canvas, and a whole lot more.

Evolving as an artist as time goes by and taking up art commissions too…

Barkha’s artistic journey is a daily devotion, reminiscent of the diligent practice of riyaaz. Her dedication to refining her craft is a constant, with each day presenting an opportunity to enhance her skills. As a mentor, she imparts her expertise to a dynamic cohort of fine arts students, exhibitions and unique forms of upcoming artwork. Furthermore, her commissioned projects act as both a creative outlet and a means of continuous improvement, ensuring her artistic prowess remains finely tuned.

Barkha has held art exhibitions at Indian Habitat Centre, Epicentre, and Vatika City. She has participated in Colors of Life 2016 at visual art gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. She has received Excellence Award- Fine Arts, presented by Pracheen Kalakendra and RaGaaz Music Academy in their annual event held at Apparel House, Epicentre in Gurgaon.

With a savvy grasp of social media, Barkha’s influence has expanded significantly. This has brought her in touch with eager students and garnered the attention of prospective art enthusiasts and buyers. In future, Barkha wants to teach students who are looking to purse fine arts as their career and passion. As her art-centered enterprise matures, Barkha aspires to establish a captivating art gallery in the coming years. Within these walls, her diverse creations will take center stage, offering a feast for the eyes and a source of inspiration. Here, aspiring artists can gather to learn, practice, and unlock their own potential. Barkha’s journey is not just about her personal growth; it’s about nurturing a vibrant community where art flourishes and talents are cultivated.


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