Dhyana: How a biomedical R&D venture came up with a unique technological solution for efficiently tracking your meditation

Smart Dhyana meditation

Several technological solutions have emerged in the market that have bowled us over with their innovative concept and astounding finesse. One such ground-breaking device that has revolutionized meditation and mindfulness is Dhyana, an immersive, new-age app that guides you through intense meditation sessions and keeps track of your daily progress. Launched in April 2019, Dhyana has been created by startup enterprise Avantari, under the leadership of its prolific and passionate founder Bhairav Shankar.  In a short span of time, Avantari has successfully explored and mastered new technological territories, thus beating the tech giants to emerge a top player of the game.

A meditative journey began

dhyana meditation ring

Avantari started out as a biomedical engineering company conducting contract R&D. However, a project on HRV (Heart Rate Variability– a component of the human body that indicates how stressed or relaxed the body is) led to a change in the company’s line of thought.

Here’s what they said “We noticed that meditators’ HRV changed drastically during meditation, with signs of change occurring during breathing, relaxation and focus. Though we approached meditation with skepticism, the hard evidence was irrefutable. Doubts regarding correct process of meditation was being answered by this one metric. However, HRV wasn’t easy to detect with only EKG machines in hospitals doing a reliable job. A product was needed that could lead young people through science towards meditation.”

Meditation plays a vital role in combating mental health, stress and anxiety. In 2009, the Nobel Prize for medicine was won on this very fact, that meditation reversed signs of ageing, making people look younger, stop their hair from greying and their skin from wrinkling. This led the Avantari team to decide that this was a product they needed to make.

“We disrupt the status quo” – That’s Avantari for you

dhyana meditation
dhyana meditation application

Having developed pioneering technologies in the fields of AI, VR, AR, holograms, biomedical engineering and embedded systems, Avantari has created quite a stir in both Indian and international markets such as the USA and EU.

The team said “At the heart of our activity we always thrived to do the things that are new and unique. The funds we earned by making products for clients, we put into making our own product. Luckily, the Olympic coach of India for Badminton, P.Gopichand noticed us, and we embarked on a partnership, which bolstered us greatly.”

The passionate set of minds at Avantari have developed a meditation tracking device in the form of a smart wearable ring called Dhyana, thereby achieving a remarkable feat – making the intangible practice of meditation tangible/measurable so that you know how well you’re able to meditate. Dhyana measures your mindfulness in terms of HRV and breathing to ensure a relaxed and focused approach to meditation, also providing a post-session detailed breakdown report.

Marching ahead with big dreams

Smart Dhyana meditation device

The company has already worked with big names of the industry from across the globe. It has sold over 500+ products and has 10k+ app users, globally. Launching high-end products like Dhyana is a significant step in the direction of its dreams. Avantari intends to become the leader in the wearable technology domain, with an expertise on general, specific & direct/indirect mental well-being. 

To know more visit – https://smartdhyana.com/

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