High On Design Juels: A fashion jewelry startup that is creating a stir with its gorgeous designs and breathtaking craftsmanship

High On Design Juels

Our ancient history is laden with significant references to exquisite jewels and precious stones being used as fashion statements. The art of dressing up wouldn’t have been half as fun and exciting if not for those pretty, eye-catching jewelry in varied forms and colors. Several startup enterprises have emerged over the last decade, trying to make the most of India’s love for fashion jewelry.

Launched in November 2016 by the fiercely independent and passionate founder Yashi Jena, High On Design (HOD) Juels is a startup that deals in luxurious fashion jewelry delicately designed and embellished with cubic zircons and semiprecious stones. Within a short period, the brand has made quite a mark in the industry.

High On Design Juels: How the tale began

High On Design Juels Founder
High On Design Juels Founder

Yashi loved how jewelry design gave her the freedom to express and experiment. The magical transformation of an idea into a piece of art fascinated her. She explains “Having an enriching experience of the Telecom industry for over 8 years managing the product and marketing, I had to quit the industry post my delivery in Feb 2016. Being independent all my life, I refused to sit idle and thought of starting up my passion of fashion jewelry with the vision of making the pieces that look real but reasonable!”

Yashi finally established HOD Juels, a brand that’s all about beautifully translating a design from a sketch to a well-researched charmingly handcrafted piece of art that is cherished by the valued customers for its contemporary and timeless quality. 

High On Design Juels: Where jewelry creation is more of an art than an enterprise

High On Design Juels

High On Design Juels manifests in its designs the power of freedom and individuality. Each design embodies the philosophy of originality and uniqueness; the jewelry is minimalistic, pragmatic, clean and contemporary. It uses an amalgamation of metals like silver, brass and gold making each piece an extraordinary creation of exquisite design and luxury. High quality stones and metal are used to avoid tarnishing for a longer period.

Hand-crafted to perfection, each gorgeous piece of limited edition jewelry tells the tale of the expert artisanal quality and unparalleled design that translates each piece of jewelry into a work of art.

With an emphasis on clean cuts, elegant motifs & fine detailing, Brand HOD strives to blend tradition with contemporary luxury for the versatile woman of today. It draws inspiration from the rich cultural roots, architecture, travel, and indigenous art forms from around the world.

High On Design Juels

Carving a bright future

Although the journey wasn’t a smooth one, Yashi and her team successfully turned the roadblocks into milestones. She elaborates “Often, we felt there is too much competition in the market for the same. But we believed in our product and the multiplication of our loyal clients helped us grow vertically. We do not fear competition as we keep upgrading as per the market and the customer needs.”

Besides India, the startup has made significant progress in the USA, Singapore and UAE.

Finally, an ever-enthusiastic Yashi signs off saying “We aim to take the brand completely online and make the brand available in every corner of the country and expand to many more countries.”

High on design juels

To know more visit – www.hodjuels.com

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