Crustulum: Happiness packed in a bottled jar!


Some people seek to take inspiration from. Some people continue to inspire you everyday. Which side of the story you choose to be on is your call to make. One such inspiration comes from siblings Samkit and Vidhi Golchha at the age of 13 and 10 respectively. When most of us barely know the meaning of the term ‘future’, the two preadolescence siblings took a step in the direction which created the foundation of their lives. With little or no knowledge about the uncertainties of the market and business principles but with a strong vision to make baking a mess free task Crustulum was founded in April 2019.  

They make fresh and healthy high quality ingredients pre-mixed, packed in a glass bottle. A very cute and handy packaging containing various ingredients. Their pre-mixed recipe is a special delight to kids not only to eat but also to bake.

Blow their hair ‘bake’

Crustulum came to life when the messy kitchen did not seem worth cleaning for a batch of cookies just to eat them cold. This pushed them to seek for a solution in order to make baking a fun and mess free task for everyone while they enjoy warm cookies at home. Samkit then along with his sister Vidhi, induced it into a healthy, tasty and less tedious task which comes in a bottled jar, who says healthy things can’t be tasty? Who says only medicines come in a jar? This healthy mix of cookies comes in 6 assorted flavors – Nuts n Raisins, Rainbow, Almond Coconut, Chocolate, Ragi Coconut and Coconut all packed quirky. The siblings take pride in complementing each other’s skillets while having the same vision and sharing their talents. Combined together the beautiful symphony of their energies plays out perfectly to become Crustulum. They have always kept kids their age at the forefront of their mind, knowing how much they savored these cookies all by themselves. What inspired them to venture out instantly was their win in Young Entrepreneur’s Academy (YEA). The prize money that they won from this competition was used to fund Crustulum. Without seeking any help from their parents the envisioned a journey this long.

Crustulum – Not your mainstream bakers

Although there are multiple variations of different foods inside the market, within India they remain the only company to have fresh and healthy high quality ingredients pre-mixed which is packed in a glass bottle. During their start up year in 2019 they heavily relied on large gathering such as birthday parties and stalls at local exhibitions, however after the pandemic their company sales dropped. Since gatherings are no more a thing they had to shift their focus to something more functional and reliable. Hence they started building online. Initially they started with small orders and soon their products became common amongst kids for birthday parties.

Adults on the other hand added this on their menu in Diwali, Christmas, etc. It also became a must have in hampers. They also sold at restaurants and cafes. During their initial year they had an exponential growth but stalled during pandemic. Their revenue saw a turnover fall this year since they spent most of the year adjusting to the challenges this year brought and their plans went for a toss. Although they forecast the year later to be better than before. They hope to add to their flavours and to be on the shelves of grocery stores countrywide.

Apart from being kid friendly they are also eco-friendly as they use glass bottles for their packaging to save the environment from plastic pollution. Recycling and reusing their bottles as much possible. The value imparted in school about the environment always stays intact and there could not be an example better than this.

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