Boho Artisanal Soaps: Nourish your skin with this organic handmade soap brand which will naturally keep your skin hydrated

Boho Artisanal Soaps

The latest trend in the market has been to go natural. Natural products are quite a rage and taking the market by storm, handmade soaps being one of them.

As one of the most commonly found products in any household, soap is one of the most integral part of our daily routine. Most commercial soaps contain harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens and synthetic ingredients that harm the skin rather than clean it. As a product that is used daily, it is important to ensure that whatever we apply on our skin is of the genuine quality and address each individual’s skin concerns.

Research claims that ingredients found in nature are most beneficial to the human body as they do not contain any harmful chemicals that rob the skin of its natural oils. With growing awareness of sustainable & organic products, businesses like Boho Artisanal Soaps have made its mark in the beauty and self-care category.

Handmade With Love

Short for bohemian, Boho represents a free-spirited person who lives an unconventional lifestyle with a keen sense of adventure. An artist at heart Nazifa (alumni of J. J. School of Applied Arts-Mumbai) enjoys all creative pursuits. She began the art of soap making as a hobby and distributed it amongst her friends and family. Upon receiving a favorable response from them, she decided to pursue this professionally and market her products to a wider audience. With very little investment, Nazifa began her journey as an entrepreneur. All her art training has helped in giving the brand an aesthetic & professional look. A complete one-man show, Nazifa is responsible for every stage of her business: from production of the soap to packaging, photography and social media management. Boho Artisanal Soaps uses only 100% organic and natural ingredients that can be found in nature.

“What makes my soaps different?? The uncommon combinations like – argan oil with licorice powder and ylang ylang fragrance or hempseed oil with green tea leaves /frankincense fragrance gives it a delightful appeal.  My personal favorites are the clay-based soaps. I make these soaps in small batches and make each bar unique by adding organic exfoliants, colorants, essential oils and fragrances that give them a distinct flavor and scent. These soaps are all SLS, SLES and paraben-free which are great for the skin and promote clean and healthy living,” says Nazifa.

It’s Time To Raise The Bar

The brand’s USP lies in the fact that each bar is made using a special blend of nutrient rich, skin nourishing certified soap base which consists of natural extracts. All the additional additives are also organic and created to give customers a wholesome and holistic experience while showering.

These soaps are also a perfect gift for your loved ones. Gifting Boho Artisanal Soaps has gained a lot of popularity amongst its customers. Handmade soap is a consumable art form that is delightful to use or give away as gifts, packaged aesthetically with eco-friendly materials.

Currently, the brand ships its products all over the country and has completed more than 1500 orders. In a fast-paced world like ours, it is a pleasure to see so many people gravitating towards organic products that provide long-term benefits and promote holistic living. Boho Artisanal Soaps with their handmade offering is a step towards a healthier and greener society.

So are you ready to experience the goodness of handmade soaps yet?

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