Resin The Bar With Adornize: Enriching the Aesthetics Of Every Space

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”. – Scott Adams

Resin Art Form- A Trending & Novel Art In India 

Resin is a new concept in India as compared to the West and it is making its potential known through beautiful pieces created by designers.

Adornize, an evolving startup has been gaining visibility in epoxy resin art form with its beautiful and elegant collections in home, décor. It was launched by Srushti Sutaria in July 2021.

The Drivers Behind Idea Generation & Products Uniqueness 

Srushti, a Banker by profession quit her job to start something of her own. Before Covid, the founder started her clothing brand with a friend but was hit by covid and was clueless of what to start in such a market. The founder then discovered Resin Art online. Being said by the founder, “If you never try, you’ll never know”. Srushti being a self-taught knew it’s not going to be easy but not impossible as well.

So, after a lot of R&D and trail and errors, the founder gave it a try and learnt the resin art form creations all by her own. Having a passion & skill in artistic creations, she chose to take her creative side as a business brand when she was just 25 years old with a minimal investment. With support from her family and friends and good customer responses, soon her business started picking up in a short duration.  Right from Brand Name and Logo to designing part, the founder has designed everything by herself.

Adornize serves unique and customised home decor items to beautify and light up your space and just how their brand name signifies. They design every piece of art exquisitely to meet their clients’ unique personal style. Be it the selection of colors, sizes, elements, and design. The products are all handmade and everything is made from scratch which makes every product unique and special.

Their clocks, coasters, desk nameplates, vanity trays, geode clock series, and vintage frames add opulence & elegance to any interior. All their products have subtle fusion colors giving a soothing and grandeur look. 

The Brand’s Market Presence 

Adornize is established in Surat and they deliver exquisite customized home decors to their clients Pan India. Having launched their brand in July 2021, the brand has been serving customised products all over India and have also been getting repeated clients.They have also  been featured on which is an online platform to showcase creative business ideas by building a community of home-based goods and service providers. 

The Brand’s Futuristic Goals 

Adornize’s long-term objectives are brand expansion & brand visibility. ADORNIZE – Adorn Your Inner World  now aims to create a truly global and innovative business model that functions successfully and entirely on client customization. The brand will soon be working on Abstract Paintings. Adornize emphasis on creating innovative products to meet every client’s personal style and embody ideas to create a work of art in a personalized manner.

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