Art For A Cause: This visionary entrepreneur’s journey of uplifting the lives of marginalized communities is indeed a work of art!

Art For A Cause

“Philanthropy is not about money. It’s about using whatever resources you have at your fingertips and applying them to improve the world!” – Melinda Gates.

Art For A Cause is a company that promotes the artistic talents of creative young minds. The main purpose of the company is to sell different types of artworks, and with the profit they help low-income students. All products are sustainable and the company believes in zero waste. They’re also a very socially conscious brand.

The leader. The visionary. The savant.

Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani founded Art For A Cause at the age of 16. She is currently studying in the 12th grade. She is extraordinarily great in her academics, and has always scored in the nineties. She has a 10.0 GPA. She is a teenager who is extremely ambitious. She is an entrepreneur, social worker, student and ambassador, content creator, author, YouTuber and a lot more.

She started coding when she was 7. That’s where her journey started. When she was 12, she developed her first app. She realized some real world problems can be solved with code. That’s when she built apps on Road Safety and won the Most Innovative Hack from IIT, Hyderabad. That award built some confidence in her that she really did have an exceptional ability to code. Since then, she has built many more apps like an interactive learning app for universal access to education.

At the age of 17, she published her first book “The Flame In My Heart”. She runs two organisations and also a mental health page. Regardless, Art For A Cause is still the most important part of her life. Anshu wanted to start her own company and be a businesswoman since 8th grade. She took after-school business classes to grasp business knowledge. She was good at art, so she thought about starting a social entrepreneurship company with art at its core.

Art For A Cause is registered under the Government of India. Anshu’s parents were very supportive and since she started this company at the age of 16, she needed some help with money handling. She was earning a huge amount from the orders and she didn’t know how to handle it at the beginning but her parents guided her towards the right path.

A spectacular list of accolades!

Anshu is unbelievably well-accomplished. Here are some of her achievements:

  • Secretary General of YEFMUN Conference
  • President of YEF SDG Conference
  • Compiled book shifting perceptions which was featured in regional newspapers.
  • Won the Achievement Award 2021 in two categories, for her social work and writing.
  • Published two research papers one of which has won merit publication.
  • Won international and national Olympiads such as SOF, UIE and Silverzone.
  • Founder of community Penning Perceptions.
  • Founder of Art For A Cause NGO.
  • President of Transforming Lives With Coding
  • Won the Applause Award 2021
  • Writer of dedicated column world of technology in national magazine tzp
  • Novel to be published
  • Co-authored 30 books, some of which have achieved a world record.
  • Chosen as Head Writer for Inkadhai Magazine.
  • Served as National Head of Youth Affairs of YEF NGO.
  • Got 3rd rank in the National Science Championship.
  • Won Most Innovative Hack in Girls Can Code coding competition from IIT, Hyderabad.
  • Have 600+ certificates of advanced courses and skills.
  • Won medals for national marathons 
  • Ran 10+ marathons in a year some even with 21 km.
  • Inspiring Youth Award 2021
  • Overachiever of the Year Award 2021
  • Born Achiever Award
  • Power of One Award
  • Child Prodigy Award 2021
  • Born Star 2021 Award.
  • Leading Entrepreneur Award.
  • Rising Mental Health Ambassador Award.

The future shines as bright as her!

art for a cause

Anshu wants to expand her company across the nation. She wants to explore other art forms. She is looking forward to working with and helping more underprivileged or lesser-known artists.

Anshu hopes for more people to know about Art For A Cause, so that their products see a boost in sales. She wants to create mass impact. She wants to proliferate her philanthropic efforts and help more underprivileged children with access to basic education and other necessities.

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