Garden Makeup: A start-up that endeavors to provide a one-stop solution for all your gardening needs at pocket-friendly prices

Garden Makeup

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”~ Ruskin Bond

If you have a garden filled with healthy plants, chirping birds and the sweet fragrance of blossoming flowers, you’re rich beyond measure. Gardening is the closest we can come to experiencing the magic of nature. How incredible it is to witness the growth of a seed that has been lovingly sown and painstakingly looked after!

Like anything worthwhile, gardening requires consistent and dedicated planning and effort over a considerable period of time. Given the fast pace of life in today’s times, many find it difficult to dedicate sufficient time for their beloved garden. Also, the look and feel of new-age gardens has undergone a sea change to include modern, sophisticated designs and equipment.

Launched on 10th August 2019 by Chaithra Ramesh Shetty, Garden Makeup is a promising venture that provides gardening, landscaping and maintenance services. It collaborates with clients to develop the design concept, tailoring their services according to client’s taste, needs and budget.

It all began with a burning desire to do something different

Though Chaithra had worked in IT sector for 4 years, she knew she belonged somewhere else. Undeterred, she began exploring and dabbled in multiple things before discovering the creative opportunities and fresh appeal of gardening services. The artificial green walls and vertical gardens installed in malls, hotels and office spaces intrigued his mind and triggered the imagination. But the complete setup required assistance from multiple vendors for welding work, plants, installing dips etc.

Thus, the budding entrepreneur decided to establish a startup that would provide complete end-to-end quality service starting from design to installation and finally maintenance at affordable prices for both corporate and personal spaces. For Chaithra, the transition to entrepreneurship wasn’t a seamless one. But as they say, behind every successful woman is an encouraging father. Chaithra’s father supported her dream and helped set up the business.

Garden Makeup: Bringing greenery into your life

With change in home and office decor, gardens too have gone through immense transformation over the last decade. Garden Makeup strives to design, define and develop your garden space thereby converting it into an aesthetically pleasing, cleaner and highly sustainable environment to live or work.

garden makeup

The two-year old startup specializes in vertical gardening, terrace/balcony gardening and landscaping. In fact, the vertical garden services start from as low as INR 600 per sqft. Customized plant gifts and artificial green walls are also provided. The team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals specialized in all forms of hardscaping and soft scaping. Currently the services are spread across Bengaluru.

Cultivating a lush and green future

Green Makeup has been a part of 50+ projects so far and has witnessed consistent growth in customers asking for vertical gardens and customized plant return gifts.

Regarding future plans, Chaithra says “Currently we are operating only in Karnataka (mainly in south karnataka). Would like to see us operating in other cities outside of Karnataka. Have taken up a few interior decoration works. Hoping to do more work related to interior decoration.” With its reasonably-priced service packages, superior quality and client-friendly approach, Green Makeup is crafting a success story that’s as unique as it’s inspiring.

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