My Safety Card: Your Loyal Companion in These Unprecedented Times

My Safety Card

If there is one buzzword that instantly grabs your attention in this Covid World, it is virus. It is due to this virus that concepts like mask, sanitizers, lockdown and quarantine have become the norm and have altered life as we know it. Simple tasks like going to office, visiting a garden, meeting loved ones, eating a meal in a restaurant are now off limits and most of us have been forced to become home bodies.  

The air around us is filled with millions of invisible bacteria and viruses that can create deadly diseases and wreak havoc on the human body. As the world grapples with a lethal airborne virus, there is a dire need for innovative methods that help destroy any harmful viruses or bacteria in the atmosphere. The answer to this problem lies in My Safety Card.

Decades of Experience

Your shield against any kind of airborne bacteria, My Safety Card is an innovative product that releases a chemical into the air and destroys all viruses present. This protects you from any potential diseases and ensures that you breathe clean and fresh air. The card offers up to 99.9% sterilization rate and can effectively help you block bacteria, fungi and molds present in the air.

My Safety Card is a product created by JD Surgical which has earned a glorious reputation in the pharmaceutical vertical over 25 years in the pharma industry. Founders Dilip H Panchal and Nehal D Panchal wanted to create a product that is not only unique but also useful for a large number of people. So with a wealth of experience in research, production and distribution, they set out to create this unique product that can help so many people live better.

My Safety Card: Making the World A Cleaner Place

This one of a kind product has received several accolades from reputed associations. My Safety Card was the recipient of Best Innovation in January 2020 by Gujarati Mid Day. With products being exported  to various countries like Germany, UAE, USA, Africa, Nepal and many more, My Safety Card has truly made its mark on the world map. My Safety Card is completely manufactured in India and is proud to be a part of the Make in India initiative.

Since the brand believes in sustainability it has done away with the use of plastic and has adopted medical grade metal products in its production. This has not only improved its utility but also encouraged users to adopt sustainability in their daily lives. My Safety Card can be used by anyone and is suitable for children, adults as well as senior citizens. The card is small in size and can easily fit into your pocket, making it ideal for all kinds of travel as well.

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