Art By KZ – Meet this talented artist who is celebrating nature through her art.

Creating art in itself is a challenge. Even more so, when you are a self-taught artist. But for Kili G. Zhimo an artist from Nagaland, Art is a journey that started with inspiration from all things Nature and still continues to do so.

Kili is a secular graduate. After graduating in 2018, she went on to pursue spiritual graduation. As a graduate in spiritual theology, she discovered the healing power of painting when she was experiencing deep emotional turmoil in her personal life. Having lost two close family members, Kili turned to art to channelize her pent up emotions and energies.  

Shared Kili, “Painting during my troubled times helped me relax and heal myself. Even during the pandemic, me being a nature person, I was able to sit and start creating nature based paintings.”

On completing her graduation, Kili actively started to pick up art commissions, while simultaneously taking up and executing freelance art for friends and family.

On September 17th 2021 encouraged by the response her art received Kili launched her Instagram page She invested her own pocked money and started making beautiful book marks and nature inspired canvases. This helped her to showcase her growing art portfolio to prospective buyers out there and also build a connect with other young artists from around the world.

For artistic bookmarks to bringing nature’s beauty onto the canvas, discover art that connects…

Art By KZ is a peek into the artist’s mind and everything that she is creating. What is immediately noticeable is that, the thread that binds her art are the many delightful, colorful forms and shapes of nature.  

Kili’s palette of art expertise finds expression in abstract paintings, contemporary modern art styles, landscapes, birds, wild animals, the ocean, flower blossoms and a lot more. She also gives the feminine form a very important voice through her paintings.

Her bookmarks, which are in great demand carry interesting messages and themes. Anime characters, forests, sunsets, musical theme, ever an ice cream all find a place in their art. The cold press gouache ones with motivational messages are particularly good!

KILI is open for commissions for Murals | Customized Artworks | Wall Paintings | Décor | Wall Arts and can also curate custom gifts for any occasion based on the budget and suggestions of a client.

Self-belief and self-support is the best way to grow and achieve dreams…

Having successfully completed the sales of over 50 works of art, Kili is immersed in creating art and working on nurturing a self-support system for herself, to help her continue to pursue her passion.

“Creating and marketing art is a challenging process and I am currently focusing on stabilizing myself. My long term vision however, is to build my own studio where I can set up my art gallery to showcase my work, curate launch events and connect with young artists too.” Shares Kili.

Click here to indulge in a really wonderful display of diverse art. Connect with the artist to LIKE, FOLLOW and BUY her art too!                                   


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